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The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Collection was established by legislation in 1972. The purpose is to foster an appreciation and awareness of the visual arts in Alberta by collecting, managing, and providing access to the art collection. It is the only collection of its kind dedicated to reflecting the development of Alberta’s best visual arts achievement. The collection continues to expand through the combined efforts of the Foundation, Arts Branch, Alberta’s artistic community and the general public.
Government House Art Collection - The Government House Act was passed in 1975, mandating the collection, preservation and exhibition of furnishings, archival material and works of art that were original to Government House. At that time a permanent art collection was established. It now includes more than 200 historic and contemporary works, providing a broad survey of notable Albertan and Canadian artists.
Culture Minister Projects Collection – represents artworks that encompass a variety of small commissioning projects between 1973 and 1978.
Visual Arts Branch Collection – represents artworks that include several donations to the department over many years and through teaching and studio projects prior to 1960.
Non VAB Purchases, Donations Collection – represents artworks acquired by other Ministers or departments that have come under the umbrella of the Arts Branch.
Cultural Minister's Acquisition Collection - represents artworks acquired by or donated to the Honourable Horst A. Schmid, past Minister of Culture.
Jubilee Art Collection – represents 8 artworks purchased for the Province’s 50th Jubilee Anniversary.
Jubilee Auditoriums Collection – represents artworks purchased and or commissioned in 1979 for Auditorium décor with subsequent donations to the Auditoriums.
Karsh Collection – represents artworks by Yousuf Karsh purchased by the Government of Alberta in 1975.
Provincial Collection – represents a special purchase by Alberta Culture in 1978.
Juried Collection – represents artworks that were purchased by Alberta Culture in 1976 for Government House.
The Portrait Commissions Collection – represents artworks that were commissioned to record Premiers, Speakers of the House, Lieutenant Governors, MLAs and related legislative personnel.
Scholarship Collection – represents artworks that were retained from students awarded Art Study Grants by Alberta Culture.
Public Works Collection – pre and post 1973 represents artworks acquired through Alberta Public Works and administered by the Arts Branch.
Government Services Collection – represents artworks acquired in 1980 for the installation in the Alberta Legislature.
Cultural Heritage Collection – represents artworks of the Japanese Canadian Community by photographer Orest Semchishen.

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