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  • The Art Acquisition Programs: our vision for acquiring artwork for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) collection is to build an internationally respected art collection which reflects the development and achievements of Alberta's visual arts. Artwork is acquired through application for purchase, curatorial purchase and donation.
  • The Art Placement Program was started by the AFA in 1976 to extend public exposure to its collection. To meet this objective, the AFA has made the collection accessible for the enhancements of public spaces in goverment offices and buildings, non-profit institutions and organizations.
  • The Extended Loan Program places large artworks in public areas. Generally located outdoors, or in foyers and open spaces of public buildings, these installations make the collection available to a greater number of Albertans.
  • The Exhibition Program loans artworks to institutions and galleries for exhibitions in Alberta and across Canada. The historical and contemporary aspects of the collection is valuable to curators, art professionals and educators who regard it as an unparalleled resource for the presentation, research and study of Alberta’s art.
  • The Registration and Resource Centre Programs provide documentation of the artworks and artists represented in the collection including classification records, a searchable database, photo documentation, biographies, slide library and related publications.
  • The Art Maintenance and Conservation Program ensures that the care and handling, preparation, and conservation of the artworks is conducted according to museum and archival standards that fulfill the legislated responsibility to preserve and maintain the art collection.


To access items from the collection, use the Basic/Advanced Search on the left side of the page.

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