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No.: PR0486
TITLE: Bert Woodcock fonds
CREATOR: Woodcock, Bert
DATE RANGE: 1928-1956, predominant 1931-1941
EXTENT: 2 photograph albums. – 1 map
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Laurence Bertram (Bert) Woodcock was born in 1906 in Sheho, Saskatchewan. In 1915, he and his father moved to Edson, Alberta. He was married to Alexandra Fyfe on September 8, 1933; she was born in Edson in 1913. They soon left for the trapline on the Little Smoky River, sharing a region with John Fandrich and Johnny Hackett. Bert had been trapping since 1931. Bert and Alex remained on the trapline until 1941, and Bert began work for the railway, working at Niton, Alberta until 1945 when he was transferred to Snaring, Alberta, and then to Donalda, Alberta. Bert died in 1956 following a hunting accident.
CUSTODIAL HISTORY:Gladys Serafino of the Provincial Museum of Alberta, deposited the records in the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1987 on behalf of Alexandra Melnyk, Bert Woodcock’s wife.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The fonds consists of photograph albums containing over 300 photographs from Bert and Alex Woodcock’s time spent on the traplines, and includes images from Edson, Mountain Park, Brule, Little Smoky, Buck Lake, Berland River, and Tony River, of mountain views, rivers, log cabins, fish, furs and pelts, snowshoes and snowshoeing, horses, dogs and dog sleds, and animals (live and furs) such as deer, moose, bears, caribou, lynx, weasels, wolf, coyotes, and skunks. One album also includes images of family and friends from after their time spent on the traplines. The fonds also includes a hand drawn map of the area around Little Smoky River where Bert and Alex trapped.
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the biographical sketch is taken from the records.
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