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No.: GR0048.001SF.0009
TITLE: Public Affairs Bureau miscellaneous files
DATE RANGE: 1899-1988
EXTENT: 1.39 m of textual records and other materials
Includes 229 photographs, 149 maps, 14 posters, and 1 watercolour.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The series consists of documents, published reports and maps transferred directly from the Public Affairs Bureau. The documents comprise weekly reports, incorporating photographs, from J.L. Irwin, an Alberta government clerk, pertaining to settlement and economic development in 1931, primarily in Grande Prairie and Peace River region but also one report from Calgary; organizational charts; and a list of ministers, departments and acts that the ministers administered. The photographs are images of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, 1899-1926, 1952; formal portraits of members of the British royal family, 1906-1936; photographs of the Ukrainian festival in Vegreville, 1974; and a 1980 Culture Branch photograph. The posters include items from the Solicitor-General Check-Stop program, Alberta Environment, an exhibit at Alberta House in London, England, prints of the coats of arms of Canada and Alberta, the Wild Rose of Alberta, and a 1936 illustrated poem. The maps depict information pertaining to forestry, agriculture, planning, land inventories, oil sands, population, municipalities, electoral boundaries, recreation and park facilities, and hydrogeology of various regions of Alberta. The published reports include the Government of Alberta’s submissions to various commissions on federal-provincial relations, highway development, and the coal industry, 1938-1950; a 1950 economic study of Calgary; publications gathered by the Publicity Bureau including lists of municipalities and officers, Alberta Golden Jubilee articles, Alberta legislation pertaining to taxation from 1960-1961, a copy of the 1959 Alberta throne speech, Jubilee Auditoria tuning, and material regarding industrial development; biographies and photographs of the 1971 Alberta Cabinet; newsprint publications of the Public Affairs Bureau including Rap and Profile; a 1973 pollution control booklet; and reports on the Alberta Housing Commission, the oil sands industry, the collapse of the First Investor Group and associated companies, and water levels of various lakes in Alberta. The watercolour is an image titled, “The Athabasca Valley,” painted by D.G. Sanderlands, ca. 1931.
SOURCE OF TITLE: Title based on the provenance of the records.
LANGUAGE NOTE: The material is in English.
USE CONDITIONS: Subject to the Copyright Act.
FINDING AIDS: Some file lists are available.
INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ACCESSIONS: GR1968.0183 GR1970.0145 GR1972.0137 GR1972.0450 GR1973.0030 GR1973.0349 GR1974.0117 GR1974.0222 GR1974.0457 GR1974.0459 GR1975.0248 GR1975.0365 GR1975.0373 GR1975.0391 GR1975.0393 GR1975.0413 GR1975.0466 GR1975.0598 GR1975.0600 GR1976.0009 GR1976.0086 GR1976.0119 GR1976.0169 GR1976.0191 GR1978.0068 GR1978.0113 GR1978.0148 GR1978.0149 GR1978.0221 GR1978.0240 GR1979.0009 GR1979.0132 GR1979.0284 GR1980.0035 GR1980.0057 GR1980.0136 GR1980.0177 GR1980.0301 GR1980.0312 GR1984.0218 GR1984.0304 GR1984.0443 GR1988.0415 GR1990.0030 GR1990.0032 GR1990.0223
ACCRUALS: Further accruals are not expected.
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Government publicity--Public relations
RELATED SOUS-FONDS: GR0048.001SF (Public Affairs Bureau sous-fonds)
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