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No.: PR0619
TITLE: J.A. Irvine fonds
CREATOR: J.A. Irvine
DATE RANGE: 1906-1928
EXTENT: 526 transparencies. – 38 negatives
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: J.A. (John Alfred) Irvine was born on September 20, 1868, at Granville Ferry, Annapolis District, Nova Scotia, to Hugh Marshall Irvine and Martha Ann Mills. Irvine was educated at Granville Ferry and studied law before becoming a manager for Annapolis Savings Bank and later working for the Nova Scotia Savings and Loan Company in Halifax from 1886-1906. Irvine married Mina Celia Buckley on September 12, 1901 and together they had six children, Hugh Avery, Inez Abigail, William Douglas, Enid Eileen, John Alexander, and Wilfred Harland. In 1906 Irvine and his family moved to Alberta and settled in Calgary where Irvine began working as a real estate and insurance broker. Irvine was a member of the Calgary Liberal Association and served as a liberal candidate in the Dominion election of 1917, being defeated by H.M. Tweedie. Irvine was an amateur photographer and also active in his community, belonging to a number of different organizations including the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve, the Dominion Council, Kiwanis Club, Calgary Board of Trade, the Central United Church, and the YMCA. Irvine was one of the founders of the Navy League of Canada and was Secretary-Treasurer for the Alberta Division. He purchased a large piece of land at Sylvan Lake ca. 1916 where summer camps were held for Navy League Cadets, Canadian Girls’ Brigade, the YMCA, the Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT), and the YWCA. Irvine died on July 18, 1928, survived by his wife and children.
CUSTODIAL HISTORY:The Latitude 53 Society of Artists deposited these records in the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1983. The records originally belong to the Edmonton Society of Photographers but were transferred to the custody of Harry Savage, founder of Latitude 53, when Latitude 53 merged with the Edmonton Society of Photographers. In 1983 Latitude 53 deposited the records of J.A. Irvine (in two separate accruals) in the Archives on a copy loan basis and the original records were returned to Latitude 53. In 1991 Latitude 53 deposited the original records in the Archives.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: Fonds consists of glass plate negatives, lantern slides, and negatives depicting various people, buildings, industries in Calgary and Sylvan Lake, Alberta.
PHYSICAL CONDITION: See Condition Survey
LANGUAGE NOTE: The material is in English.
ASSOCIATED MATERIAL: Other records pertaining to J.A. Irvine can be found in the J.A. Irvine fonds at the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
GENERAL NOTE: Photographs from this fonds can be found in the IR photograph collection under numbers IR1-IR440. Copy loan images had originally been part of A photograph collection, but were removed and reassigned IR numbers when IR photo collection was created. Information for the biographical sketch was taken from the records.
RELATED ITEMS: IR1 (Children and wagon.)
IR10 (View of town.)
IR100 (M. McHardy Farm Machinery.)
IR101 (Windsor Hotel, Red Deer or Calgary.)
IR102 (Merchants Bank Of Canada. Frank P. Layton Real Estate Windsor Hotel, Red Deer or Calgary.)
IR103 (Coombe & Bushfield Livery Feed And Sale Stables.)
IR104 (View of industrial building complex.)
IR105 (Calgary Milling Co. Limited.)
IR106 (Calgary Milling Co. Limited.)
IR107 (Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Limited.)
IR109 (Two girls on beach.)
IR11 (View of town.)
IR115 (Native in a cart.)
IR116 (Girls in front of tent.)
IR118 (Bathers - young boys.)
IR12 (View of Calgary, Alberta.)
IR120 (Navy League Cadets.)
IR121 (Young boy with fish.)
IR122 (Crossfield Drug Store.)
IR123 (Crossfield towns view.)
IR124 (Alberta Hotel.)
IR125 (View of town.)
IR126 (View of town.)
IR127 (Calgary Colonization Co. Limited building.)
IR128 (Main road of town of Carstairs.)
IR129 (View of town.)
IR13 (Farm yard.)
IR130 (Didsbury train station.)
IR131 (Main street of Stavely.)
IR132 (View of Main Street of town.)
IR133 (Lethbridge Hotel and street.)
IR134 ("The Park Store" building.)
IR135 (House and child.)
IR136 (House and child.)
IR137 (House.)
IR138 (House "For Sale.")
IR139 (House.)
IR14 (Street scene with horse and carriage.)
IR140 (House and two children.)
IR141 (Building.)
IR142 (Houses.)
IR143 (Building.)
IR144 (House and family.)
IR145 (House and family.)
IR146 (House and car.)
IR147 (Large building.)
IR148 (House, car, and people.)
IR149 (House in winter.)
IR15 (Town view.)
IR150 (House in winter.)
IR151 (House and family.)
IR152 (House and family.)
IR153 (Industrial building, Calgary.)
IR154 (Woman in the doorway.)
IR155 (Portrait couple.)
IR156 (Portrait of three women.)
IR157 (Portrait of woman.)
IR158 (Family portrait.)
IR159 (Portrait of children.)
IR16 (Hotel and people.)
IR160 (Portrait of children.)
IR161 (Portrait of two children and a dog.)
IR162 (Portrait of two boys.)
IR163 (A woman and a baby.)
IR164 (Two boys with fish.)
IR165 (A man with two children.)
IR167 (Two children.)
IR168 (Two women displaying their catch of fish.)
IR17 (Laundry and Asian man.)
IR170 (A little girl sitting at a table.)
IR171 (A woman sitting on a railing.)
IR172 (A family picnic.)
IR173 (Interior of a church with a choir and pipe organ.)
IR174 (Horse and carriage outing.)
IR175 (Group shot of children.)
IR176 (Children at camp site.)
IR177 (Group portrait.)
IR178 (Group of people with a prayer written on the top portion of the negative.)
IR179 (Picnicking at the beach.)
IR18 (Street scene/farm equipment.)
IR180 (Group of children.)
IR181 (Group shot boys.)
IR182 (Group portrait under a tree.)
IR183 (Group portrait of children.)
IR184 (Group shot of men and buggy in the street.)
IR185 (Group shot in the forest.)
IR186 (Two men in the forest.)
IR187 (Interior of church.)
IR188 (Group of woman and children having a picnic.)
IR189 (Picnic/field day activities.)
IR19 (Store front: J.A Irvine Insurance)
IR190 (Group on a picnic, Sylvan Lake.)
IR191 (Group of men and women in the forest.)
IR192 (Camping site on beach.)
IR193 (Men and women on a picnic.)
IR194 (Group shot of men in the street.)
IR195 (Group shot of men and women in forest.)
IR196 (Family group shot on picnic.)
IR197 (Boys.)
IR198 (Men and women on a picnic.)
IR2 (Residential scene.)
IR20 (Construction site.)
IR202 (Children in dress-up.)
IR203 (Lake view.)
IR204 (Lake view.)
IR205 (Navy kids at camp.)
IR206 (Farm house.)
IR207 (Lake and bathers.)
IR208 (Navy kids group shot.)
IR209 (Lake, boat, and men.)
IR21 (Construction of house/farm.)
IR210 (Group photograph, Sylvan Lake.)
IR211 (Sylvan Lake Regatta.)
IR212 (Group shot - men and women.)
IR213 (Street construction workers.)
IR214 (Houses.)
IR216 (Calgary.)
IR217 (V. B. Edward.s Livery and Feed Stables, Calgary.)
IR218 (Men in automobile.)
IR219 (Lake and bathers, Sylvan Lake.)
IR22 (Street scene with farm equipment.)
IR220 (Fire wagon.)
IR221 (Horse, men and car.)
IR223 (Two men in carriage.)
IR224 (View of town.)
IR225 (Elephant and people.)
IR226 (Speech and public gathering.)
IR227 (Public gathering.)
IR228 (Public gathering - The Albertan, Calgary.)
IR229 (Union Label Float Parade Company.)
IR23 (Fire hall.)
IR230 (Elephants.)
IR231 (Parade - Calgary Lathers' Union.)
IR232 (Band and parade.)
IR233 (North West Mounted Police group shot.)
IR234 (North West Mounted Police parade.)
IR235 (Indian parade.)
IR236 (Indian parade.)
IR237 (Indian parade.)
IR238 (Group portrait of Canadian Girls Brigade.)
IR239 (Group portrait of Canadian Girls Brigade.)
IR24 (Union Bank Of Canada.)
IR240 (Group portrait of Canadian Girls Brigade.)
IR241 (Girl on the beach.)
IR242 (Calgary Boys Naval Cadet Camp group.)
IR243 (Naval Cadets - Calgary Boys' Naval Brigade Camp, Sylvan Lake.)
IR244 (Group portrait - Navel Cadets.)
IR245 ("Edmonton 1915" hill.)
IR246 (Staples & Co. Ltd. Lumber float, Calgary.)
IR247 (Fire wagon.)
IR249 (Fire wagon and horse, Calgary.)
IR25 (View of town.)
IR250 (W. Piggott and carriage.)
IR251 (Horse and carriage outing.)
IR252 (Train and people.)
IR253 (Harvest - horse and wagon.)
IR254 (Meeting in fields.)
IR255 (Car and family.)
IR256 (Calgary Milling Co. Float.)
IR257 (Float: ""The March of Progress" Staples & Co. Ltd. Retail Lumber Yards," Calgary.)
IR258 (Portrait of young woman.)
IR259 (Picnic.)
IR26 (Bridge, river and cows, Willow Creek Claresholm, Alberta.)
IR260 (Cattle and industrial complex.)
IR261 (View of town.)
IR262 (Theatrical group on horse drawn wagon.)
IR263 (Ceo., Chaplin - General Blacksmith.)
IR264 (Portrait children.)
IR265 (Little girl at a table.)
IR266 (Girls with fish.)
IR267 (Group with fish.)
IR268 (Group of boys eating watermelon.)
IR269 (House for sale.)
IR27 (Store front.)
IR270 (Girls and tent.)
IR271 (Child and Christmas tree.)
IR272 (Child and Christmas tree.)
IR273 (Child and Christmas tree.)
IR274 (Portrait of girl and carriage.)
IR275 (Children in a field.)
IR276 (Four young children at camp.)
IR277 (Group portrait.)
IR278 (Child in a buggy harnessed to a dog.)
IR279 (View of a town.)
IR28 (Columbia Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.)
IR280 (Little girl in crib.)
IR281 (View of a building.)
IR282 (People in grandstand.)
IR283 (A bridge.)
IR284 (House and family.)
IR285 (J. A. Irvine "House to let.")
IR286 (A church.)
IR287 (Child in crib.)
IR288 (Group shot of Navy kid's band.)
IR289 (J. A. Irvine - House for sale.)
IR29 (Wooden building and people.)
IR290 (A lady and her dog.)
IR291 (Navy kids in boats (Calgary Naval Brigade), Sylvan Lake.)
IR292 (Group shot of Navy kids (Calgary Naval Brigade), Sylvan Lake.)
IR293 (Group shot swimmers (girls), Calgary Naval Brigade.)
IR294 (Boys band, Calgary Naval Brigade, Sylvan Lake.)
IR295 (Men with grindstone.)
IR296 (A man with two children in a car.)
IR297 (A group of people in the forest.)
IR298 (Two men in a buggy, Calgary Fire Department.)
IR299 (Group shot of young ladies.)
IR3 (Children in field.)
IR30 (Severson Grain Elevator and Lumberyard.)
IR300 (View of a street.)
IR301 (People on a picnic.)
IR302 (People on a picnic.)
IR303 (Portrait of a woman.)
IR304 (Portrait of a family.)
IR305 (View of a house. Man and three children.)
IR306 (Church - wooden building.)
IR307 (The Maple Leaf Boat.)
IR308 (Navy girls at camp.)
IR309 (View of house.)
IR31 (Canadian Bank Of Commerce)
IR310 (J. A. Irvine - House for sale.)
IR311 (Little girl in crib.)
IR312 (The Lady Victress Boat.)
IR313 (Little girl and Christmas tree.)
IR314 (House.)
IR315 (View of a town and bridge.)
IR316 (Italian Colony parade float, Calgary.)
IR317 (Train station and men playing with ball.)
IR318 (Boy in bathing suit.)
IR319 (Man and horse in grain field.)
IR32 (View of town.)
IR320 (Young men "playing" in boats.)
IR321 (People in auto.)
IR322 (Edmonton view.)
IR323 (Whyte Ave. at 103 St., Strathcona House.)
IR324 (Young boys playing in boats, Sylvan Lake.)
IR325 (Two woman and a man and a dog.)
IR326 (Lake view; people in the water, on a float, in a boat.)
IR327 (Two boys with rifles.)
IR328 (Large group portrait.)
IR329 (Boys playing baseball at camp.)
IR33 (Calgary Marble and Granite Works, Calgary, Alberta.)
IR330 (Two men and a tent.)
IR331 (Portrait of four little boys.)
IR332 (Portrait of two women, a man, and a dog.)
IR333 (Children at Camp Sylvan Lake.)
IR334 (Boys baseball team.)
IR335 (Float in parade.)
IR336 (Family in a boat.)
IR337 (Group of men beside dock, Sylvan Lake.)
IR338 (Picnic.)
IR339 (View of a farm.)
IR34 (View of Calgary, Alberta.)
IR340 (Boat construction.)
IR341 (Children at camp, Sylvan Lake.)
IR342 (Lethbridge - view of railroad.)
IR343 (Five youths and tent.)
IR344 (Portrait of man.)
IR345 (Two men with two falcons on wrist.)
IR346 (Row of boys ready to race at waters edge, Sylvan Lake.)
IR347 (Navy man in full dress.)
IR348 (Four nuns and priest indoors.)
IR349 (Dr. Extey.)
IR35 (View of town.)
IR350 (D. A. Macleod (Macleod Brothers), Calgary.)
IR351 (Man and girl on ocean side.)
IR352 (Mother and child.)
IR353 (Portrait male - Coanahcer.)
IR357 (Navy cadet peeling potatoes.)
IR358 (View of a town in valley.)
IR359 (Two men and woman in park.)
IR36 (Coombe & Bushfield Equipment.)
IR360 (Sicamore tree and man by a river.)
IR361 (Drawbridge and white houses of town.)
IR362 (View of gate and house.)
IR363 (Sinking ship.)
IR364 (Victoria Row and some Representative Business Blocks.)
IR366 (Two girls.)
IR367 (Twelve people in bathing suits, Sylvan Lake.)
IR368 (A man on a rock overlooking valley.)
IR369 (Navy girls grooming themselves at camp, Sylvan Lake.)
IR37 (Irvine's Mens Outfitters.)
IR370 (Three girls beside a tent.)
IR371 (Child smelling blooms on tree.)
IR372 (Pier canoe and diving platform, Sylvan Lake.)
IR373 (Crowd on Lady Victress.)
IR374 (Group of boys with fish.)
IR375 (People at picnic.)
IR376 (Man, woman, and two boys in woods.)
IR377 (Campers and tent.)
IR378 (Boy in bathing suit.)
IR379 (Calgary Navy Girls Brigade.)
IR38 (Girl's eating watermelon.)
IR380 (Boys at camp near Cook house.)
IR382 (Boys in the woods.)
IR383 (Person at waters edge.)
IR385 (Group shot of Calgary Boys Navy Brigade Band, Sylvan Lake.)
IR386 (Boys exercising at camp, Calgary Boys Naval Brigade.)
IR387 (Boys and Christmas tree.)
IR388 (Ladened Christmas tree.)
IR389 (Calgary Girls Naval Brigade, Sylvan Lake.)
IR39 (Fire wagon - steam pumper horse drawn [Calgary Fire Department], Calgary, Alberta.)
IR390 (Group shot of men and boys in church.)
IR391 (Street scene people.)
IR392 (Group shot of Navy boys at water's edge.)
IR393 (Lady in knickers with three fish.)
IR394 (Badminton court at summer camp, Calgary Naval Brigade, Sylvan Lake.)
IR395 (People at camp, taken from water. Calgary Naval Brigade.)
IR396 (Person at waters edge.)
IR397 (Marching band, Calgary Boys Naval Brigade.)
IR398 (Boys in execise pose, Calgary Boys Naval Brigade, Sylvan Lake.)
IR399 (Gentlemen by stream and Christian poem.)
IR4 (View of town.)
IR40 (Stone mason, Calgary, Alberta.)
IR400 (Three children dressed up to play cowboys and indians.)
IR401 (Camper and tents, Calgary Boys Naval Brigade Camp.)
IR402 (Shot of couple.)
IR403 (Family on group shot on lawn.)
IR404 (Group of six children sitting on forest floor.)
IR405 (Girl (child).)
IR406 (Family picnic.)
IR407 (A group of young hikers taking a pause.)
IR408 (Group picnic.)
IR409 (Mountain road.)
IR41 (Mountie on horseback.)
IR410 (Two boys by lake shore.)
IR411 (Boys in canoe, Calgary Boys Naval Brigade, Sylvan Lake.)
IR412 (Round roof doorway.)
IR414 (Bathers and canoe.)
IR415 (Group of young men in the mountains.)
IR416 (Two men and mountain view.)
IR417 (Row of people sliding down hill.)
IR418 (Hikers at look out point.)
IR419 (Young man and child by waters edge.)
IR42 (Children in cart harnessed to dog.)
IR420 (Group of people on picnic.)
IR421 (Six boys outside tent.)
IR422 (Portrait of child.)
IR423 (Group (family) on lawn in front of house.)
IR424 (Cabin and tent.)
IR425 (Boy looking at lake.)
IR426 (Three campers, two tents, cook house, Calgary Boys Naval Brigade Camp.)
IR427 (Lake shore view.)
IR428 (Older lady on chair.)
IR429 (Wagon load of people.)
IR43 (Orchestra at lake.)
IR430 (Group shot of Navy Boys.)
IR431 (Two storey house.)
IR432 (Choir inside church.)
IR433 (Girls with poles exercising at camp.)
IR434 (Two storey house.)
IR435 (People in trees.)
IR436 (Boat, children, and fish.)
IR44 (Canadian Girls Brigade boating, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.)
IR440 (J. A. Irvine.)
IR45 (Children being photographed.)
IR46 (Men and woman outside house.)
IR47 (Portrait of a man wearing a fur coat.)
IR48 (Foot race at Sylvan Lake, Alberta.)
IR49 (Canadian Girls Brigade Semaphore, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.)
IR5 (Farm scene with auto.)
IR50 (Navy League Cadets on Lady Victress.)
IR51 (A clown in front of two theatre programs - Lyceum Theatre.)
IR52 (A seated Navy girl with her dog.)
IR53 (Kids and Christmas tree.)
IR54 (Man standing in front of a building.)
IR55 (Navy Boys (studio).)
IR56 (Family group shot in the yard.)
IR57 (Two fire extinguisher wagon, horse drawn.)
IR58 (A fire scene, burning building, Calgary Theatre.)
IR59 (A woman on a horse, another woman standing beside horse.)
IR6 (View of town.)
IR60 (Bathers in the pool.)
IR61 (A wedding picture.)
IR62 (Two children.)
IR63 (A small wooden storage building and a car in the woods.)
IR64 (Harvesting view with a man in a car.)
IR65 (Bathers at water slides, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.)
IR66 (Family group shot in the woods.)
IR67 (Man and three boys sitting.)
IR68 (A family shot.)
IR69 (A family shot.)
IR7 (Aerial high angle view of town.)
IR70 (Fire extinguisher wagon (Calgary Fire Department).)
IR71 (Indians in a parade.)
IR72 (Calgary 100,000 Club Excursion at Alix Railroad Station.)
IR73 (Town street scene.)
IR74 (Indians city parade.)
IR75 (Young boy.)
IR76 (Lief Erikson float.)
IR77 (Boat model.)
IR78 (Child with Christmas tree.)
IR79 (Fire hall, Mounties, civilians.)
IR8 (Street scene - school and hill.)
IR80 (A boy holding a fish.)
IR81 (A girl with an Indian costume.)
IR82 (The Merchants Bank Of Canada, Calgary, Alberta.)
IR83 (Glover And McCornack General Merchants (Post Office).)
IR84 (The Canadian Bank Of Commerce.)
IR85 (Granville House Building.)
IR86 (The Calgary Marble 2nd Granite Works, The Somerville Co., Calgary, Alberta.)
IR87 (Palace Meat Market, Calgary, Alberta.)
IR88 (E.C. Mathews & Co. Mens Furnishings.)
IR89 (G.R. Severson Lumber And Grain.)
IR9 (View of town.)
IR90 (View of a grocery shop.)
IR91 (Bank Of Hamilton.)
IR92 (View of "Hotel West.")
IR93 (Manning Sutherland Lumber Co. Ltd..)
IR94 ("Bruhn Black" Building.)
IR95 (Scandinavian Baptist Church.)
IR96 (G. Storey Office Building construction.)
IR97 (Post Office building.)
IR98 (Post Office building.)
IR99 (Frost & Wood wagons.)

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