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No.: PR1081
TITLE: Community Press fonds
CREATOR: Community Press
DATE RANGE: [1910 - 1912]
EXTENT: 17 negatives. - 1 photograph.
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: The Community Press, located in Sedgewick, Alberta, is a weekly newspaper serving the towns of Daysland, Strome, Heisler, Forestburg, Galahad, Alliance, Killam, Sedgewick, Lougheed, Hardisty, Czar, Amisk, Hughenden and the surrounding areas. The Community Press began as the Sedgewick Sentinel, established by A. J. Honey when he came to Sedgewick from England in 1908. Seven years later, he sold the paper to A. L. Eastly. During the depression, economic distress caused the closure of newspapers in Daysland, Strome, Killam, Lougheed and Hardisty, which amalgamated with the Sedgewick Sentinel to form The Community Press. Arthur Eastly took over the paper from his father in 1942. In September 1969 The Community Press was sold to Monte Keith, and was expanded in 1975 to include The Alliance Enterprise. In 1977, Rick Truss purchased half of the company. In May 1981, the firm also purchased the Wainwright Star Chronicle. This partnership dissolved in 1985 and Rick took over the entire Community Press operation himself, though he entered into a partnership with Kerry Anderson in 1989.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The fonds includes images from glass plate negatives of Sedgewick originally dating from 1910 to 1912, and includes views of Sedgewick, farming equipment, buildings such as stores, the livery, the hotel, the lumber yard, houses, streets, and a class of students, and an undated photograph of the Duhamel Bridge, a rail bridge near Camrose, Alberta.
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the administrative history is from Sedgewick Sentinel: a history of Sedgewick and surrounding districts, which can be located in the Provincial Archives of Alberta Reference Library, 971.233 Se28 PAA, and from The Community Press website,, accessed July 29, 2004. The glass plates can be located in the A file under the numbers A.7105-A.7121. The photograph can be located in the A file under the number A.11899.
RELATED ITEMS: A11899 (Duhamel rail bridge near Camrose)
A7105 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7106 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7107 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7108 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7109 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7110 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7111 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7112 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7113 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7114 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7115 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7116 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7117 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7118 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7119 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
A7120 (Sedgewick School Students, Alberta)
A7121 (View of Sedgewick, Alberta)
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