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No.: PR0451
TITLE: Roy Schlader fonds
CREATOR: Roy Schlader
DATE RANGE: Copied 1986
EXTENT: 60 negatives
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Roy Schlader was the son of one of the founders of McInnes Products Corporation, Limited, which operated around Waterway (now part of Fort McMurray), Alberta. Roy managed Freshwater Fish Marketing in Edmonton, Alberta.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The fonds consists of images relating to the fishing operations of McInnes Products Corporation, Limited in Waterways, Alberta, originally dating circa (ca.) 1930s and 1940s, and includes images of the horses and sleighs, trucks, cars, fish, workers, log buildings, airplanes, barges, ferries, fishing boats, net making, laundry and aerial views of the McInnes buildings at Waterways.
RELATED RECORDS: Also see the McInnes Products Corporation, Limited fonds at the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Other images of the fishing operations of the McInnes Products Corporation can be located in the Andrew Koziol fonds, the Kay Bailey fonds and the Lawrence Tolen fonds.
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the biographical sketch is taken from Henderson's Edmonton, Alberta, city directories and from the records. The images can be located in the A file of the Provincial Archives of Alberta reference prints under the numbers A.14,474 through A.14,533. Roy Schlader also deposited the records comprising the McInnes Products Corporation, Limited fonds.
RELATED ITEMS: A14474 (Cutting ice, conveyor belt to McInnes plant, Lake Athabasca)
A14475 (Horses and sleighs pulling load of fish, Lake Athabasca)
A14476 (McInnes truck loaded with fish, Lake Athabasca)
A14477 (McInnes trucks for transport of fish, Lake Athabasca)
A14478 (McInnes truck on skis, transporting fish to and from Cheeham and Buffalo Lake)
A14479 (Horse and sleigh transporting fish, Lake Athabasca)
A14480 (McInnes trucks, Lake Athabasca)
A14481 (McInnes truck fallen through the ice, Lake Athabasca)
A14482 (Horses and carts transporting fish, Lake Athabasca)
A14483 (Laying out fish for freezing, McInnes truck, Lake Athabasca)
A14484 (McInnes truck and caboose, Lake Athabasca)
A14485 (McInnes truck and caboose with nets drying, Lake Athabasca)
A14486 (Waterways waterfront in winter)
A14487 (Getting water for the horses, McInnes Co.)
A14488 (Horses with ice plow to cut ice, Waterways, Alberta)
A14489 (Taking ice blocks off river, McInnes conveyor belt, Waterways)
A14490 (Horses with ice plow used to cut ice, Waterways, Alberta)
A14491 (McInnes conveyor belt to take ice up to plant, Waterways, Alberta)
A14492 (Trappers cabins used for winter fishing - boxes of fish)
A14493 (Float plane at Great Slave Lake to transport fresh fish for McInnes Co.)
A14494 (Old McInnes warehouse before it was destroyed in 1936 flood, Waterways, Alberta)
A14495 (Steamer pushing barge at Fort McMurray)
A14496 (Mable D and C tug used by Northern Transportation to push barge up Lake Athabasca)
A14497 (Tractor used to pull boats up for dry dock in winter, Waterways, Alberta)
A14498 (First barge (not refrigerated) used by McInnes Co., Waterways, Alberta)
A14499 (North Star tug on Lake Athabasca)
A14500 (North Star tug boat at the McInnes Dock, Waterways, Alberta)
A14501 (Fish at [Lake Athabasca] which were left to rot)
A14502 ([Feeding horses] - McInnes Co.)
A14503 (Fishing boats at Waterways, Alberta)
A14504 (Fishing boats, Athabasca River)
A14505 (Paddle steamer partially built at right - "Athabasca River" in background, Waterways, Alberta)
A14506 ("Athabasca River" and barge at Waterways, Alberta)
A14507 (McInnes Products Corp. Ltd. building, Waterways, Alberta)
A14508 (Loading ice into refrigerator box cars (reefer cars) at Waterways, Alberta)
A14509 (Nor-basca and barge at Athabasca River)
A14510 (Loading fish (whitefish) into boxcar, Waterways, Alberta)
A14511 (Unloading barge up conveyor belt, Waterways, Alberta)
A14512 (Shipping fish at Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta)
A14513 (Japanese workers (interns) brought to Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake, from B.C., making nets)
A14514 (Japanese workers and living quarters and work areas at Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14515 (Japanese workers unloading fish, Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14516 (Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14517 (Fish inspector)
A14518 (Japanese doing laundry at Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14519 (Freezing pans for freezing fish - Japanese worker, Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14520 (Fishing boat, Great Slave Lake)
A14521 (Freezing trays of fish, Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14522 (Stringing net, Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14523 (Japanese children tying nets, Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14524 (Japanese workers, interior of fish plant, Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14525 (Fishing camp, Gros Cap, Great Slave Lake)
A14526 (Crackingstone Point, Lake Athabasca)
A14527 (Fort McMurray looking west)
A14528 (McInnes Products Corpn. Ltd. airplanes used to transport fish, supplies and staff)
A14529 (Great Slave Lake commissary - picking up supplies for fishing)
A14530 (Bill McPeak, radio operator at Great Slave Lake)
A14531 (McInnes executives in front of McInnes Products Corpn. Ltd. airplane)
A14532 ("Nor-basca" pushing [refrigerator barge] up Lake Athabasca, Waterways in background)
A14533 (Crackingstone Point, Lake Athabasca)
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