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No.: PR1788
TITLE: Harold Routledge fonds
CREATOR: Harold Routledge
DATE RANGE: Copied 1988
EXTENT: 55 negatives
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Harold Routledge was a corporal with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The fonds consists of colour images taken by Harold Routledge, originally dating 1948 to 1954, of people and place in and around Fort Chipewyan, Alberta; images include aboriginal peoples, local residents, children, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, priests and nuns, log cabins, buildings, churches, tents, streets, dogs, a hockey game, boats, airplanes, automobiles, ice fishing, hunting and trapping .
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the biographical sketch is taken from Henderson's Edmonton, Alberta city directories and from the records. The images can be located in the A file of the Provincial Archives of Alberta reference prints under the numbers A.17,118 through A.17,171.
RELATED ITEMS: A17118 (Jonas Laviolette, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17119 (R.C. Mission boat and barge, Riviere de Roche outside Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17120 (Bishop Pierce (Anglican))
A17121 (Indian Women near Ft. Chipewyan)
A17122 (Snowbird's Camp, Athabasca River.)
A17123 (Chapel in R.C. Mission School, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17124 (Beginning of Gunar Uranium Mine, Cracking Stone area, Lake Athabasca.)
A17125 (Father Danto with orphans at Mission)
A17126 (Dock at Ft. Chipewyan, material for Yukon construction used to construct RCMP detachment.)
A17127 (Steve Brace's trapline cabin (near Jackfish Lake, south of Ft. Chipewyan.))
A17128 ((Old School House) and Can. Armed Forces Helicopter, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17129 (River flowing into Lake Claire (west of Ft. Chipewyan), transporting Gold-eye to Sask./Man.)
A17130 (Uranium City, Saskatchewan, RCMP detachment.)
A17131 (Beaver Pelts)
A17132 (Wandering Spirit, Ft. Chipewyan (Doghead), West end.)
A17133 (Athabasca River, fish cache (near Embrass airport), Tom Cone.)
A17134 (Mrs. J. Laviolette?)
A17135 (Harold Routledge, Ft. Smith airport with RCMP plane CF-MPL.)
A17136 (Dock at Ft. Chipewyan, Radium-Yellowknife.)
A17137 (Dog Corrals, RCMP detachment, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17138 (Sister Chapleau, R.C. Mission, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17139 (Roderick Fraser, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17140 (Man standing in field)
A17141 ("Chipewyan, Alta.")
A17142 (Victor and Mrs. Mercredi (postmaster))
A17143 (The "Chipewyan" and the "Stony Rapids" (Alberta Motor Boat co., Edmonton), Lake Athabasca.)
A17144 (Kids from Ft. Chipewyan)
A17145 (RCMP detachment, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17146 (Consolidated Mining and Smelting mine buildings (gold), Goldfields, Sask.)
A17147 ("H.R. and C. Mah, Third Lake.")
A17148 ("Bagpipes belinging to Colin Fraser, who was Sir Simon Fraser's Piper when he made the Journey from H. Bay to Pacific Ocean in 18_.")
A17149 (Father Picard, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17150 ("Ice Haul" for detachment's summer supply, Lake Athabasca.)
A17151 ("B. Lepine's kids", Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17152 (Henry Boucher and [Mos Kino] camp up on Athabasca)
A17153 ("Ester Adam, druing fish", trap-line, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17154 ("Chief Jonas Laviolette", Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17155 ("Prospectors Hayes and Nixon", Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17156 ("Jack Labine, Ft. Smith.")
A17157 (Howard Wylie (assistant to Indian Agent) trying to contact Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17158 (Robert "Bob" Allen on trapline)
A17158a (Raymond Shanks, Ft. Chipewyan. (On trap line))
A17159 ("Chipewyan looking east")
A17160 (Members of the Ft. Chipewyan RCMP in front of a duck hunting shack.)
A17161 ("Skinning Caribou", Lake Athabasca, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17162 (Madeline White, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17163 ("Gov't Dog Camp", Quad rafouche Channel.)
A17164 (Eddy Cook, Joe Poitras, and Steve Brace, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17165 ("R.C.M. Hockey Team, Ft. Chipewyan.")
A17166 (Tom Cone, Athabasca River (near Embrass Airport).)
A17167 (Joe Poitras, Ft. Chipewyan.)
A17168 (Swan Swanson, Athabasca River.)
A17169 (Mrs. Bashaw, Simon Bashaw, and ?)
A17170 (George Mah, Mrs. Mah, and Charlie Mah (Mah Shaw Hing).)
A17171 (Transporting Gold-eye to Sask./Man., river flowing into Lake Claire (west of Ft. Chipewyan.))
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