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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR1965.0124/0001 N/APR0043 Boorne and May photographing a Passion Play at Mission, British Columbia1890OpenBox 1includes: 1 b&w photograph
PR1965.0124/0002 N/APR0043 Mathers Studio, Edmonton1890sOpenBox 1includes:1 b&w photograph; 1 b&w copy negative
PR1965.0124/0003 N/APR0043 Charles Mathers "Directions for photo-engraving1894OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0004 N/APR0043 Clipping from Ken Liddell's column in the Calgary Herald on Boorne and May1960sOpenBox 1newspaper clipping
PR1965.0124/0005 N/APR0043 Papers of "Herbert Brown" of South Shields, England1899-1910OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0006 N/APR0043 Washing Book" of The County Laundry from South Shields, England1894OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0007 N/APR0043 My Friends Opinions" - an autograph book of personal viewpoints, including those1894OpenBox 1Owner unidentified
PR1965.0124/0008 N/APR0043 E. Brown's photographic price list from South Shieldspre-1902OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0010 N/APR0043 Correspondence re: the death of Arthur Brown1898OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0011 N/APR0043 One folder of identified photos from England - these are not E. Brown photos1900OpenBox 118 photographs
PR1965.0124/0013 N/APR0043 News item from C.J.C.A. re: E. Brown1951OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0014 N/APR0043 Banns of marriage between Mary Carr, spinster and E. Brown, Lancaster, England1902OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0015 N/APR0043 Certificate of incorporation of Ernest Brown Ltd1911OpenOSOS - Oversized miscellaneous box
PR1965.0124/0016 N/APR0043 St. John Ambulance Association membership certificate1916OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0017 N/APR0043 St. John Ambulance Association membership certificate1917OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0019 N/APR0043 Several meeting announcements of the Ancient Order of Druids1905-09OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0020 N/APR0043 Correspondence re: the Ancient Order of Druids1906-07OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0021 N/APR0043 Minutes of the Ancient Order of Druids1904-06OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0023 N/APR0043 One photo and several pamphlets promoting the Sons of England Society1906-07OpenBox 1includes: 1 b&w photograph
PR1965.0124/0025 N/APR0043 Journal of proceedings of the 29th session of the Supreme Lodge, Sons of England1908OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0026 N/APR0043 Receipts for membership dues to the Knights of Pythias1907-08OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0028 N/APR0043 One subscription form "Voice of the I AmndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0031 N/APR0043 Personal correspondenceto 1923OpenBox 1includes: 2 b&w photographs
PR1965.0124/0033 N/APR0043 Correspondence re: The Canadian Northwest Historical Society1928OpenBox 1N/A
PR1965.0124/0034 N/APR0043 Personal correspondence1928-48OpenBox 1N/A
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