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ARTIST NAME: Kostyniuk, Ron
ACCESSION NUMBER: 2001.115.001
DATE: 1962
CATEGORY: Sculpture
MEDIUM: pine
DIMENSIONS: Actual: 73.6 x 35.5 x 20.3 cm (29 x 14 x 8 in.)
COLLECTION: Alberta Foundation for the Arts

OTHER HOLDINGS: Kostyniuk, Ron
ARTIST BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Ron Kostyniuk graduated with a B.A in Biology from the University of Saskatchewan in 1963 before obtaining a B.A in Fine Arts from the University of Alberta. He would later obtain a Master of Science degree (1970) and a Master of Fine Arts degree (1971) from the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Kostyniuk's artworks are known as constructed relief, which is a distinct and independent art form with a history of continuous development from its origin in the work of the Russian artist Tatlin early in the twentieth century to the present day. The movement embodies the constructivist idea of seeking analogies to the processes of form and growth in nature, and interpreting them through the use of modern industrial materials. In its simplest form, the constructed relief consists of a single, flat plane onto which are fixed three-dimensional, geometric objects. These are positioned to produce an equilibrium of visual relationships encompassing form, colour and light. Mr. Kostyniuk's works have been exhibited throughout Canada, U.S.A and Europe, and he is currently a member of the Art Department at the University of Calgary.

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