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Alberta Register of Historic Places


Under the Historical Resources Act, the Minister of Culture may designate any historical resource as either a Provincial or a Registered Historic Resource.  The Act also empowers Municipalities to designate historic resources of local significance as Municipal Historic Resources. Those resources which have been designated as Provincial, Registered, or Municipal Historic Resources collectively form the Alberta Register of Historic Places.


The Alberta Register is administered through Alberta's Historic Places Research and Designation Program.  This program is responsible for identifying, evaluating and designating Provincial Historic Resources, updating and maintaining the Alberta Register of Historic Places, and submitting eligible sites for listing on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.  For more information on the province's Historic Places Designation Program, please visit www.culture.alberta.ca/heritage/resourcemanagement/historicplacesstewardship/designation/


Alberta gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the Government of Canada in supporting its participation in the Historic Places Initiative and the development of the Alberta Register of Historic Places.

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