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No.: GR0006.001SF
TITLE: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission sous-fonds
CREATOR: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission
DATE RANGE: 1951-1994
EXTENT: 70.80 m of textual records
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Dates of founding and/or dissolution:
The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) was founded in 1970 under the authority of The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Act, S.A. 1970 c. 10. The Commission began operations in 1971.

Functional responsibility:
The Commission is responsible for the planning, creation, and funding of programs aimed at the prevention and treatment of addictions. When the Commission was founded, its responsibilities were for programs to prevent and treat alcohol and drug addiction. In 1994, the Commission's mandate was extended to include gambling addiction.

Programs are delivered through a network of AADAC offices and in-patient and out-patient treatment centres throughout the Province and by non-governmental community-based agencies who receive funding from the Commission. The Commission has an extensive public awareness and information program on addiction and operates the Alberta Impaired Drivers' Program, the Gambling Help Line and the AADAC Help Line.

Predecessor and successor bodies:
The immediate predecessor of the Commission was the Division of Alcoholism of the Department of Health. The Division of Alcoholism was established in 1965 as the successor of the Alcoholism Foundation of Alberta, a non-profit society founded under the authority of The Societies Act.

Administrative relationships:
The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission reports to the Minister of Health and Wellness. The Commission has also reported to the Minister of Health (1971, 1988-1991, 1994-1996), the Minister of Health and Social Development (1971-1975), the Minister of Social Services and Community Health (1975-1986), the Minister of Community and Occupational Health (1986-1988), the Hon. Roy Brassard (1991-1992), the Hon. Dianne Mirosh (1992-1994), and the Minister of Community Development (1996-1999).

Administrative structure:
The Commission has two components: its Board and the administration. The administration, headed by the Executive Director, is responsible for the creation and delivery of programs delivered through AADAC's regional offices.

The Board of the Commission is made up of up to twelve members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, who designates one member as Chair and one member as Vice-Chair. The Board is responsible for policy and general direction of the Commission.

Between 1973 and 1979, the Executive Director of the Commission also served as Chairman of the Board of the Commission. Since 1979, the Chairman has been a Member of the Legislative Assembly. The Chairman of the Board reports on behalf of the Commission to the Minister responsible for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Act.

Names of the corporate bodies:
Alberta Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Commission (1971-1985)
Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (1985-present)

Names of chief officers:
Chairs of the Alberta Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Commission:
K. Wolstenholme (1970)
P. Henning (1970-1972)
Donald Rees (1972-1973)
Richard M. Anthony (1973-1975)
Wilfred J. Totten (1975-1979)
John Alberta Gogo (1979-1986)
Greg Philip Stevens (1986-1987)
Stanley K. Nelson (1987-1993)
Bonnie Laing (1993-1997)
Jocelyn Burgener (1997-1999)
LeRoy Johnson (1999-2003)
Marlene Graham (2003-2004)
Dave Rodney (2004-2006)
Harvey Cenaiko (2006-present)

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The sous-fonds contains records relating to the Commission's funding of community-based agencies, delivery of treatment programs, youth addiction prevention programs, the IMPACT Client Assessment Program, program planning and development, and policy development. It includes correspondence, client case files, financial and budget records, and meeting minutes and agendas. The records have been arranged into the following series:
  1. Organization administration records from 1970 to 1999
  2. Guidelines and manuals from 1978 to 1984
  3. Commission board records from 1976 to 1989
  4. Committees and task forces records from 1974 to 1999
  5. Legal activities records from 1983 to 2002
  6. Divisional management meeting records from 1974 to 1998
  7. Commission executive records from 1951 1991
  8. Corporate planning records from 1978 to 1995
  9. Alcoholism Foundation of Alberta records from 1953 to 1959
  10. Librarian's files from 1954 to 1976
  11. Business planning records from 1965 to 1999
  12. Revenue generation records from 1994 to 1998
  13. Awards and honours records from 1979 to 1999
  14. Human resources records from 1953 to 1991
  15. Resource material from 1957 to 1985
  16. Corporate communications from 1977-1994
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