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No.: GR0023.023SF.0010
TITLE: Investigations index cards series
DATE RANGE: 1917-1932
EXTENT: 16.83 m of textual records
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The series consists of index cards created by the Alberta Provincial Police pertaining to its investigations of reports received by the public. The reports pertain to offenses against the person, such as murder or assault; offenses against property, such as theft, forgery, vandalism, and animal cruelty; offenses against public order, including sedition and firearms violations; offenses against religion and morals, including vagrancy, public drunkenness, indecent acts, and houses of ill-fame; perjury and bribery; corruption and disobedience; offenses against federal legislation, including the Railway Act, the Immigration Act, the Customs Act; and offenses against provincial statutes. The index cards also pertain to inquiries regarding missing or destitute persons, investigations under the Liquor Act, and investigations in which no prosecutions were instituted.

The cards give the location of the report, name of the person submitting the report, a brief statement regarding the nature of the report, comments regarding any investigation that took place, and any disposition of the case that took place.

ARRANGEMENT NOTE: The cards are arranged chronologically, and, wihtin each year of cards, alphabetically by the last name of the person submitting the report. After 1920, the cards are divided into three categories: Crimes Current, Crimes Concluded and General (which may indicate investigations not leading to a charge).
GENERAL NOTE: The Provincial Archives of Alberta.does not have the case files to which the index cards refer.
RELATED SOUS-FONDS: GR0023.023SF (Alberta Provincial Police sous-fonds)

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