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No.: GR0048.001SF.0005
TITLE: Publicity Bureau files
DATE RANGE: 1939-1972, predominant 1945-1961
EXTENT: 12.98 m of textual records and other materials
Includes 172 audio reels, 41 negatives and 48 photographs.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The series consists of the administrative and operational files of the Publicity Bureau and its branches, which dealt with government advertising, government publicity, and promotion of travel and tourism within Alberta to the rest of the world. The records include correspondence, reports, radio broadcast scripts, press releases, newspaper clippings, departmental advertising requests, artwork, and subject files. The subject files pertain to all aspects of promotion, tourism and advertising campaigns throughout Alberta, Canada, United States and around the world. The subject files also contain records addressing topics such as Alberta newspapers and magazines, advertising agencies, tourism conferences, fishing, national parks, skiing, film, radio, tourist information, highways and roads, displays, exhibitions, and events coordinated or attended by the Bureau staff. The events represented in the files include the 1954 Grey Cup, the opening of the Jubilee Auditoria, Calgary Stampede, and the Canadian National Exhibition. The files also include supporting material for publications produced by the Government of Alberta, such as tourist guide books. The administrative files comprise financial records, expense claims, staff meetings, staff attendance sheets, statistical reports of Bureau activities, and personal files of the Director of the Bureau containing speeches, articles, and correspondence. Also included are interviews with pioneers conducted by Bureau staff from 1956 to 1961 as part of the Bureau’s activities during the Alberta Golden Jubilee celebrations.
SOURCE OF TITLE: Title based on the content of the records.
LANGUAGE NOTE: The material is in English.
USE CONDITIONS: Subject to the Copyright Act.
FINDING AIDS: Some file lists are available.
INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ACCESSIONS: GR1963.0010 GR1965.0126 GR1966.0197 GR1967.0165 GR1967.0173 GR1967.0174 GR1967.0175 GR1967.0176 GR1967.0177 GR1967.0178 GR1967.0179 GR1967.0180 GR1967.0181 GR1967.0182 GR1967.0183 GR1967.0184 GR1967.0185 GR1967.0186 GR1967.0187 GR1967.0188 GR1967.0189 GR1967.0190 GR1967.0191 GR1967.0192 GR1967.0193 GR1967.0194 GR1967.0195 GR1967.0196 GR1967.0197 GR1967.0198 GR1967.0199 GR1967.0200 GR1967.0201 GR1967.0202 GR1967.0203 GR1967.0204 GR1967.0205 GR1967.0206 GR1967.0207 GR1967.0208 GR1967.0209 GR1967.0210 GR1967.0211 GR1967.0212 GR1967.0213 GR1967.0214 GR1967.0215 GR1967.0216 GR1967.0217 GR1967.0218 GR1967.0219 GR1967.0220 GR1967.0221 GR1967.0222 GR1967.0223 GR1967.0224 GR1967.0225 GR1967.0226 GR1967.0227 GR1967.0228 GR1967.0229 GR1967.0230 GR1967.0231 GR1967.0232 GR1967.0233 GR1967.0234 GR1967.0235 GR1967.0236 GR1967.0237 GR1968.0310 GR1969.0173 GR1970.0004 GR1971.0016 GR1971.0055 GR1971.0056 GR1971.0184 GR1972.0008
RELATED RECORDS: Related records can be found in the Department of Provincial Secretary and the Department of Industry and Development. The personal records of Dan Campbell, Director of the Publicity Bureau, can be found in PR1533.
Alberta - - Anniversaries, etc. (Golden Jubilee)
Alberta -- Description and travel
Government advertising
Government publications
Motion pictures
Radio broadcasting
Skis and skiing
Tourist trade
RELATED SOUS-FONDS: GR0048.001SF (Public Affairs Bureau sous-fonds)
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