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LEVEL OF DESCRIPTION: sous-sous-fonds
No.: GR0048.001SF.001SSF
TITLE: Alberta Queen’s Printer sous-sous-fonds
CREATOR: Alberta Queen's Printer
DATE RANGE: 1937-1993, predominant 1958-1993
EXTENT: 10.12 m of textual records
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Dates of Founding and/or Dissolution:
The Queen's Printer was established in 1906.

Functional Responsibility:
The function of government printing and publication was first established under An Act Respecting Public Printing (S.A. Chapter 9, 1906) and continues to under the Queen's Printer Act (R.S.A. Chapter Q-2, 2002). The Queen's Printer is authorized by the Lieutenant Governor in Council to produce the publication of the Alberta Gazette, for the publication of official and other notices and any matters that may be required. The function of the Queen's Printer is the printing and publication of the Alberta Government's documentation.

Under its mandate the Queen's Printer publishes, distributes and sells Alberta's Acts, Regulations and various legislation-related materials. The Alberta Gazette is published bi-monthly, in two parts, to provide official notice about areas governed by Statute. The Queen's Printer also distributes the government telephone directory. The Queen's Printer operates bookstores to sell legislation products and departmental publications and other relevant materials. The Queen's Printer is responsible for the Alberta Depository Library Program, which aims to ensure free public access to Alberta government publications and legislation through the Province's public library system.

Administrative Relationships:
After being transferred from the jurisdiction of the Executive Council, The Queen's Printer reported to the Provincial Treasurer from 1924 to 1973. In 1973 the Queen's Printer was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Public Affairs Bureau, leaving the functional responsibility of purchasing stationary with the Purchasing Agency of the Treasury Department.

In 1973 the Public Affairs Bureau was established as a separate entity, then in 1975 became a division of the Department of Government Services. In 1984 the Public Affairs Bureau was once again established as a separate entity and the Queen's Printer continued as branch of the Bureau.

Administrative Structure:
The administrative structure of Queen's Printer consists of the Queen's Printer and staff. Staff includes a Director who oversees the operation of the Marketing and Communications section, and the Bookstore.

Names of the Corporate bodies:
The Queen's Printer began in the 1906 enabling legislation as the Public Printer. The name was changed in An Act to amend The Statute Law (S.A. Chapter 3, 1916) to the King's Printer. In Act to amend The King's Printer Act (S.A. Chapter 50, 1954) it became the Queen's Printer.

Names of Chief Officers:
Government Printer

James E. Richards (Acting), 1905-1906
James E. Richards, 1906-1912
Joseph W. Jeffery, 1912-1916

King's Printer
Joseph W. Jeffery, 1916-1926
William Donald McLean (Acting), 1926-1928
William Donald McLean, 1928-1935
Abraham Shnitka, 1935-1954

Queen's Printer
Abraham Shnitka, 1954-1956
Clarence Laurence Gallup, 1956-1957
Lelan Scott Wall, 1957-1983
Philip E. Stevens, 1983-1984
Frank Calder, 1984-1987
Richard Steiner, 1987-2005
Annie Re (Acting), 2005-2006
Colleen Gray, 2006-2007
Rob Phillips, 2007-[2012]

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The sous-fonds consists of the records of the Queen's Printer of Alberta. It consists of two series: sampled print job files and Publication Services files.
GENERAL NOTE: Most publications created by the Queen's Printer received by the Provincial Archives of Alberta have been transferred to the Library.
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