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No.: PR0217
TITLE: Karl Clark fonds
CREATOR: Karl Clark
DATE RANGE: 1924-1966
EXTENT: 0.94 m of textual records and other records
Also includes 6 photograph albums, ca. 140 negatives, 40 photographs, 10 maps and 2 cinefilms.
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Karl Adolph Clark was born October 20, 1888 in Georgetown, Ontario to Malcolm Sinclair and Adelaide Louise (nee McLaughlin) Clark. Karl Clark attended Harbord Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario from 1900 until 1904. In 1910 he graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then graduated with a Master of Arts degree in chemistry in 1912. Three years later he received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Illinois. Clark married Dora Anne Wolverton on September 3, 1919. Together they had four children, Frances, Mary, Malcolm and Nancy. From 1916 until 1920 Clark worked with the Geological Survey of Canada and the Mines Branch in Ottawa, Ontario. He later joined the Research Council of Alberta in 1920, working on the Athabasca oil sands. When the Alberta Research Council was suspended around 1932, Clark became Professor of Metallurgy at the University of Alberta. From 1935 until 1937 he was granted a leave of absence to work on oil reservoir engineering problems for Trinidad Leaseholds Limited, a British-owned oil firm in Trinidad. After his leave of absence he returned to the University to teach. In 1945 he was appointed head of the Department of Mining and Metallurgy at the University of Alberta, a post he held until his retirement in 1954. When the Alberta Research Council was revived Clark resumed his work supervising the oil sands program while teaching at the University and after his retirement. Clark also worked as a consultant for Socony-Vacuum Oil Company from 1952 until 1954. In 1955 Clark was awarded the Gold Medal of the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada for meritorious achievement. He also served as Acting Chairman of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board for two short periods. Clark moved to Saanichton, British Columbia in 1964. He died in Victoria in 1966.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: Fonds consists of records pertaining to Clark’s work with the Athabasca oil sands including field diaries, correspondence, reports, maps and publications. Fonds has been divided into the following series: Field diaries; Correspondence; Photographs; Reports; Scientific data; Papers and publications; Athabasca tar sands developments; Miscellaneous material; and Maps.
ASSOCIATED MATERIAL: Other records pertaining to Karl Clark are located at the University of Alberta Archives in Edmonton, Alberta.
RELATED RECORDS: Additional records pertaining to Karl Clark are located in accessions PR1965.65 and PR1974.390 at the Provincial Archives of Alberta. The photographs in the Karl Clark fonds overlap with those found in the D.S. Pasternack fonds, accession PR1969.0114. D.S. Pasternack worked with Karl A. Clark to develop the first pilot plant to extract oil from bituminous sand and he co-authored an article with Clark entitled Hot Water Separation of Bitumen from Alberta Bituminous Sands.
GENERAL NOTE: The information in the Administrative history/Biographical sketch was obtained from The Canadian Who’s Who, Vol. IX: 1961-1963.
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A7058 (Oil Sands Project)
A7059 (Oil Sands Project)
PR1968.0015.0022.0008a ([The "Northland Echo" unloading freight on the Athabasca River])
PR1968.0015.0022.0032a ([Dogs greeting a riverboat in Fitzgerald, Alberta])
PR1968.0015.0022.0034 (Off for Ells River for Tar Sand)
PR1968.0015.0022.0036 ([Guides and pack dogs])
PR1968.0015.0022.0037 (Packing dogs with tar sand)
PR1968.0015.0022.0038 (Packing dogs with tar sand)
PR1968.0015.0022.0040 (Headed back for McKay)
PR1968.0015.0022.0041 (Guides and pack dogs en route to Fort McKay)
PR1968.0015.0022.0043 (Stopping for a rest on the trail from Ells River to McKay)
PR1968.0015.0022.0051 (Valley of the Ells River back from McKay)
PR1968.0015.0022.0064 (A bituminous sand shoulder along the Athabaska River)
PR1968.0015.0022.0067 (Dry and fissures bituminous sand beds high up on a cliff along the Athabaska River between the McMurray and McKay)
PR1968.0015.0022.0081 (Streaks of bitumen on bituminous sand face on Steepbank River)
PR1968.0015.0022.0082 (Early stage of the road grading from McMurray to Horse River)
PR1968.0015.0022.0110 (Climbing section no. 1 (Horse River))
PR1968.0015.0022.0257 ("A pigeon trap")
PR1968.0015.0022.0258 ("Storage tanks and camp")
PR1968.0015.0022.0259 ("They must have thought it was Jack Miner's Pond")
PR1968.0015.0033 (Dry sand running through hopper)
PR1968.0015.0034 (Karl Clark: Plant Operations “Dry sand running through hopper”)

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