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No.: PR1665
TITLE: Garneau Studio fonds
CREATOR: Garneau Studio
DATE RANGE: 1945-1977
EXTENT: ca. 5000 negatives. -- 0.06 m of textual records.
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Garneau Studio, a photographic studio in Edmonton, Alberta, was established in about 1947 by John Tenove, who had previously worked for McDermid Studios in Edmonton. Garneau Studio began by focusing on news and commercial photography, industrial photographs, and group photographs, and in the late 1950s focused on weddings, children and portraits. Tenove managed Garneau Studio until about 1969 when James R. (Jim) Parker took over management and ownership. Jim Parker had started his own studio, Parker Studio, in about 1961. When Parker took over the management of Garneau, Parker Studio was likely merged with Garneau Studio. The merged companies operated as Garneau Studio through the 1970s. In about 1977, Parker took over another photography company, Foto Craft. Foto Craft had its origins as Kandid Kamera Snaps which was established about 1941 and owned by V. Costello. This business then belonged to Clyde W. Churchill and Gerald (Gerry) Martin, and was renamed Foto Craft in about 1945. Before long, Martin became sole proprietor of Foto Craft, which was also known as Foto Craft Studio. In about 1977, Martin sold Foto Craft to Parker. Foto Craft (Parker) Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act on March 17, 1978. In about 1978, Parker took over yet another photography company, Housez Studios. Jack Housez began Housez Studios as Jack Housez, Engraving in about 1939; the company included artists, designers, engravers, and commercial photographers. Housez Studios (Alberta) Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act on January 29, 1954. It then was incorporated as Housez Studios (1966) Limited on June 3, 1966. In its last years, Housez Studios was managed by Kurt Wiatrowski. Wiatrowski died on October 15, 1977, and it was likely soon after that Parker took over the management of Housez Studios. After the companies were taken over by Parker, they eventually came to be operated as Garneau Studio. Beginning in about 1981, Parker became president of Garneau Studio, and his son, Jack, became the manager.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The fonds consists of negative file log books for Garneau Studio and Housez Studio; correspondence, sample order forms and receipts for Garneau Studio; and images of commercial, industrial, wedding and portrait photography for Garneau Studio, Parker Studio, Foto Craft and Housez Studio.
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the administrative history is from the records and Henderson's Edmonton, Alberta, city directories. The photographs can be located in the Provincial Archives of Alberta reference prints under FC, GS, HO, and PG.
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