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No.: PR3550
TITLE: United Church of Canada Alberta and Northwest Conference fonds
CREATOR: United Church of Canada Alberta and Northwest Conference
DATE RANGE: 1925-2006
EXTENT: 8.85 m of textual records and other material
In addition to textual records, the fonds includes 270 photographs, 3084 slides, and 4 videos

The Alberta and Northwest Conference of The United Church of Canada was created in 1925 upon the formation of The United Church of Canada from a union of The Methodist Church, The Presbyterian Church in Canada and The Congregational Churches of Canada. In 1985, Alberta Conference was re-named Alberta and Northwest Conference to better reflect the inter-provincial nature of the Conference's boundaries. The boundaries of the conference include Alberta, northeastern British Columbia, the Yukon and Northwest Territories and certain locations in western Saskatchewan.

Alberta and Northwest Conference administers the work and life of The United Church of Canada and has oversight of the presbyteries within its bounds. Changes in presbyteries over time are reflected in The United Church of Canada Year Books. Conference determines the boundaries of presbyteries; and as of 2004, there are nine presbyteries located in Alberta and Northwest Conference. The Conference is responsible for the general oversight of religious life within its bounds and has specific responsibility for the ordination and settlement of ministers, the reception of ministers from other denominations, oversight of the work of presbyteries, including the review of presbytery records. The Conference elects representatives to General Council and deals with any other matters referred to it by General Council. The Conference receives reports from a number of standing committees, as prescribed by The Manual of The United Church of Canada.

The Conference is comprised of clergy and lay delegates from the presbyteries within its bounds. Alberta and Northwest Conference met annually from 1925-2000, at which time it elected to meet every two years. Since its creation, there has been a Conference executive that has overall responsibility for the governance of the Conference's business. The executive consists of a president, secretary, treasurer, and presbytery representative to carry on the Conference business between annual meetings. In 1963, on the initiative of General Council, the position of Conference Executive Secretary was created in an effort to streamline the administration of the Conference's work and to improve communication with General Council. Over time, there has also involved a Conference office staff to facilitate the work of the Conference. Through its history, the Conference has taken a number of administrative structures that are reflected in the records. The Conference continues to exist, with a Conference Office situated in Edmonton, Alberta.

CUSTODIAL HISTORY:Records deposited under accession number PR1975.0387 were acquired sometime prior to 1975 however there is no surviving record of the details. In 1975, the Conference entered into a permanent loan agreement with the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA) for the physical custody and control of the holdings of the Conference Archives and the records were relocated to the PAA in that same year. Records received after 1975 have come from The Conference Office, or from officers of the Conference or other church members.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The fonds consists of Annual Reports of various Alberta Presbyteries (2005-2006); annual conference minutes (1925-1964); records of proceedings (1926-1993); agenda books (1988-1994); conference addresses and reports (1938-1968, with gaps); programs (1926-1966); photographs (1925-[1980's]); annual conference meetings (1982-1986); Celebrations Unlimited (1977-1978); Conference Executive (1970-1980, with gaps); Committee on Religious Education (1928-1969); Ordinations (1943-1968); Board of Education and Social Service (1964-1967); Archives Committee (1925-1978); Historic Sites and Archives Committee, (1983-1992); Caravan Committee (1953-1973); Committee on Church Vocations (1964-1970); Historical Committee (1946); Edmonton Office Committee (1970-1984); Youth Exchange Committee (1975-1976); Historic Sites Committee Calgary Office (1971-1981); Alberta Church Consultation Committee (1978-1984); Home Missions Committee (1972-1990); Camp Committee, (1968-1992, with gaps); Settlement Committee (1925-1982); Long Range Planning Committee (1979-1984); Native Ministries Committee (1978-1981); Mission Development Committee (1979-1987); Ventures in Mission Committee (1982-1984); Stewardship Committee (1979-1987); Conference Staff Committee (1972-1984, 1989-1993); financial records (1938-1946); church property ([1925]-1980); President (1960-1977); Executive Secretary (1964-1987, with gaps); Conference Staff Resources Committee (1989-1993); Church in Society Division (1974-1979); Division of Communication (1972-1975); Christian Development Division, (1972-1992); Division of Ministry and Personnel (1981-1988); Division of Ministry, Personnel and Education (1985-1989); Task Force on Evangelism (1978-1986); personnel ([1970-1990]); library (1932-1941, 1986); pageants (1940-1967); orders of service (1954, 1975); and historical data (1925-[1980's]).
RELATED RECORDS: For materials relating to individual United Church Presbyteries in Alberta please see PR3528-PR3544 in the United Church of Canada Alberta and Northwest Conference Archives, located at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.
GENERAL NOTE: Information in the Administrative History was sourced from the fonds.

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