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No.: PR1325
TITLE: Beaumont History Book Committee Photograph collection
CREATOR: Beaumont History Book Committee
DATE RANGE: Copied 1982-1984
EXTENT: 82 negatives
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: In 1981, under the direction of Don Williams, Angéline Gobeil and Elizabeth Royer began the huge project of writing a history of Beaumont, Alberta. Soon after they began, a committee of fourteen members was formed. In 1985 Beaumont: Histoire de Beaumont et district, 1885-1960/ Beaumont: History of Beaumont and district, 1885-1960 was published by the Beaumont History Book Committee, under the auspices of the St. Vital Senior Citizens’ Club in Beaumont.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection consists of images, originally dating 1893 to 1982, of the Beaumont, Alberta area, featuring schools, churches, houses, farms and ranches, sawmills, service stations, post offices, blacksmith/garage, stores, bands, baseball teams and parks, statue installation, landmarks, celebrations and weddings, farm and construction machinery, harvesting and threshing, automobiles, horses, tobogganing, wells, a tug-o-war, families and local pioneers, and views of Beaumont.
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the administrative history is taken from Beaumont: Histoire de Beaumont et district, 1885-1960/ Beaumont: History of Beaumont and district, 1885-1960, which is available in the Provincial Archives of Alberta Reference Library, 971.233 B383 PAA. The photographs can be located in the A file of the Provincial Archives of Alberta reference prints under the numbers A.1971-1972, A.8389-8399, A.8701-8713, A.8715-8718, A.8980-8988, A.9083-9094, A.9169-9184, A.9204-9212, A.11,997-12,001, and A.12,196.
RELATED ITEMS: A11997 (Queen Elizabeth Park Swimming Pool, Edmonton.)
A11998 (Road building equipment operated by Henri Gobeil, Beaumont Area.)
A11999 (Roadbuilding equipment, Beaumont area.)
A12000 (Beaumont Ball Park)
A12001 (Dames de l'Autel, Beaumont - Parade to Lac Ste. Anne)
A1971 (Tug-O-War, Beaumont, Alberta)
A1972 (Water Well, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8389 (Beaumont, Alberta)
A8390 (St. Vital Church, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8391 (Achile Royer Wedding, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8392 (St. Vital Church, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8393 (View of Beaumont, Alberta)
A8394 (Beaumont, Alberta)
A8395 (Alphonse Royer, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8396 (Pierre Royer, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8397 (Celestine Royer, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8398 (Cutting Wood, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8399 (Potato Picker, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8701 (John Royer's Farm, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8702 (Joseph St. Jacques Farm, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8703 (Threshing, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8704 (Threshing Teams, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8705 (School, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8706 (Bérubé Family, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8707 (Pierre Bérubé's House, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8708 (Pierre Bérubé's Farm, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8709 (Pierre Bérubé's House, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8710 (John Royer's House, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8711 (Flore Hinse of Beaumont, Alberta)
A8712 (André Royer Family of Beaumont, Alberta)
A8713 (Threshing at Royer's Farm, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8715 (Dubord House, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8716 (First School, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8717 (Hormidas Lambert House, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8718 (Beaumont, Alberta)
A8980 (The Beaumont Band)
A8981 (First School, Beaumont, Alberta)
A8982 (Cooks)
A8983 (Beaumont, Alberta)
A8984 (View of Beaumont, Alberta)
A8985 (View of Beaumont, Alberta)
A8986 (View of Beaumont, Alberta)
A8987 (View of Beaumont, Alberta)
A8988 (View of Beaumont, Alberta)
A9083 (First House in Beaumont)
A9084 (Convent in Beaumont)
A9085 (First Church in Beaumont)
A9086 (House in Beaumont)
A9087 (Beaumont landmark - cross)
A9088 (Albert Chalifaux home, Beaumont)
A9089 (Woods House, Beaumont)
A9090 (Woods House, Beaumont, interior)
A9091 (Beaumont Pool Hall)
A9092 (Beaumont Service Station)
A9093 (Pierre Roberge and Lea Dubord Wedding)
A9094 (Drilling for water, Beaumont)
A9169 (Beaumont Catholic Church)
A9170 (L'Heureux, Joseph. Family outside their home, Beaumont.)
A9171 (Mr. Blackburn feeding the pigs in the town of Beaumont)
A9172 (Beaumont Grotto)
A9173 (Blackmud Ranch. Nicholas and Isobel Bilsborrow)
A9174 (Beaumont Post Office)
A9175 (Blacksmith and garage, Beaumont)
A9176 (First home of Ernest Dagenais)
A9177 (Mink farm, Beaumont)
A9178 (W. Magnan General Store, Beaumont)
A9179 ([Magnan, Wilfrid] in front of service station, Beaumont.)
A9180 (W. Magnan General Store, Owners Mr. and Mrs. Magnan in front)
A9181 (Building the Beaumont Church, Father Normandeau with Taillefer's horse hauling wood)
A9182 (Taillefer family picking raspberries, Beaumont)
A9183 (Catholic Church and Bandstand, Beaumont)
A9184 (W. Magnan General Store, Beaumont, Six men and toboggan)
A9204 (Caboose pulled by horses taking children to school in winter, Beaumont)
A9205 (St. Vital Parish, Beaumont - Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Parish)
A9206 (St. Vital Parish, Beaumont - Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Parish)
A9207 (St. Vital Parish, Beaumont - Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Parish)
A9208 (St. Vital Parish, Beaumont - Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Parish)
A9209 (Beaumont yearly celebration. All houses decorated.)
A9210 (Beaumont yearly celebration. All houses decorated.)
A9211 (Beaumont yearly celebration. All houses decorated.)
A9212 (Beaumont yearly celebration. Statue being driven around the town)
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