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No.: PR0053
TITLE: Jack Edworthy fonds
CREATOR: Edworthy, Jack
DATE RANGE: [189-]-[199-]
EXTENT: 0.75 of textual records and other material
Includes 495 photographs, 190 negatives, 12 transparencies, 2 cinefilms, 1 videocassette, 2 audio cassettes, 5 maps, 1 poster, 3 plaques and a number of pins and spoons.
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: The Edworthy family was one of the first pioneer families in Alberta, settling in what is now Calgary. Thomas Edworthy immigrated to Ontario from England in 1872 and moved to Alberta in 1883 and homesteaded on a half section along the south bank of the Bow River. Thomas Edworthy raised a market garden and opened a sandstone quarry on his property. Many of Calgary's older buildings were built from Edworthy Quarry stone. Edworthy later entered into the cattle ranching business. Thomas Edworthy married Mary MacArthur in 1897. Mary (originally of Pictou, Nova Scotia) had been previously married to Alex Ross, one of the first photographers in Alberta. They arrived in Calgary in 1885. Alex died as a young man in 1894. Mary's sister, Millie, also came to Calgary and married George Livingston in 1893, who was another early pioneer of the Calgary district. Thomas and Mary Edworthy had two children. Percival was born in 1898 and George was born in 1899. Thomas died in 1904 of Typhoid Fever. Mary and the children moved into Calgary in 1906. George Edworthy married Myrle Frank in 1923. George worked in various capacities at United Grain Growers, including Superintendent of the Grain Commission Department. He also served with the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede as President, and served as President of the Kinsmen Club of Calgary. George and Myrle had two children. Jack was born in 1928 and George Jr, was born in 1933. The City of Calgary gradually grew to encompass the land that the Edworthy family had homesteaded. Some of this land was set aside and the house was designated as a Provincial Historic Resource in 1987. Some of the land surrounding the house was made into a park which was named Edworthy Park. In 1986 the Historic Sites Board approved the geographic name Edworthy Falls as the official name of the falls on the Elbow River. Jack Edworthy moved to Edmonton in 1966 and took a position with the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties. He also became involved in the Rotary Club of South Edmonton and, through them, several projects at Fort Edmonton Park. He was a charter member of the Fort Edmonton Historical Foundation and was one of the founders of the Harvest Fair at Fort Edmonton Park and helped organise it for 25 years. He was made a Paul Harris Fellow by his Rotary Club for service to the club and community, and was honoured with the Lieutenant Governor's Award for excellent service in his field. Jack Edworthy died November 7, 2010 in White Rock, B.C.
CUSTODIAL HISTORY:The records were donated by Jack Edworthy, son of George Edworthy. Jack acquired some of the records from his father.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This fonds consists of the papers of the Edworthy family including speeches, memoirs, articles, photographs, maps and family history of the George Edworthy family. Also includes family papers of the Livingston family such as correspondence, photos and articles. Also includes the Jack Edworthy papers consisting of correspondence, photos, clippings, programs, reports, Fort Edmonton/Harvest Fair material and Edmonton South Rotary Club material. Also includes Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties Covention Handbooks.
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A14702 (George Edworthy)
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A14704 ([Army cadets] outside Connaught School, Calgary)
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A14722 (Calgary Stampede - cowboy on bucking bronc)
A14723 (Calgary Stampede - cowboy fallen off bucking bronc)
A14724 (Calgary Stampede - wild horse race)
A14725 (Calgary Stampede - horse drawn covered wagon)
A14726 (Calgary Stampede - horse drawn covered wagon)
A14727 (Shaganappi Camp, near Calgary)
A14728 (Shaganappi Camp, near Calgary)
A14729 (Shaganappi Camp, near Calgary)
A14730 (Shaganappi Camp, near Calgary)
A14731 (Shaganappi Camp, near Calgary)
A14732 (Shaganappi Camp, near Calgary)
A14733 (Jack Edworthy on pony, Shaganappi Camp, near Calgary)
A14734 (Calgary Stampede president George Edworthy)
A14735 (Calgary Stampede [opening ceremonies])
A14736 (Trick horse rider Dick Griffiths at Calgary Stampede)
A14737 (Royal train west of Calgary - visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth)
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A14743 (The original Edworthy ranchhouse near Calgary)
A14744 (Tom Edworthy and his homestead shack, near Calgary)
A14745 (Tom and Mary Edworthy, among Calgary's first pioneers)
A14746 (Tom Edworthy's exhibits at Calgary fair)
A14747 (Tom Edworthy, one of Calgary's first pioneers)
A14748 (Mary Ross and her sister Amelia McArthur)
A14749 (Calgary)
A14750 (Bow River Road to Bowness - Shaganappi Flat, Calgary)
A14751 (Chief Crowfoot)
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