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No.: PR2858
TITLE: County of Vulcan fonds
CREATOR: County of Vulcan
DATE RANGE: 1906-2009
EXTENT: 14.4 m of textual records. – 48 maps.

Located within the boundary of Township 17, Range 22, west of the 4th Meridian (17-22-W4), Vulcan County includes the following urban municipalities: the Town of Vulcan, the Village of Arrowwood, the Village of Carmangay, theVillage of Champion, the Village of Lomond, and the Village of Milo. Vulcan County also includes the following hamlets/urban service areas: Brant, Ensign, Herronton, Kirkcaldy, Mossleigh Queenstown, Shouldice, and Travers.

In 1883, the Northwest Territorial Council passed the Municipal Ordinance, allowing for the establishment of local government areas. In response to this ordinance, many townships -- typically comprised of 36 sections of land --, organized to form herd districts (1883), fire districts (1886), statute labor districts (1887). In 1897, all three ordinances amalgamated with the passing of the Local Improvement Ordinance. Local improvement districts maintained public works such as road building, management of fires, noxious fumes, and animals. A 1903 amendment of the Local Improvement Ordinance allowed Local improvement districts to include between 3 and 6 townships.

In 1912 with the passing of the Rural Municipality Act, the Province of Alberta created the Department of Municipal Affairs. The Act allowed 9 townships to apply for incorporation as a rural municipality as long as the land contained 1 person/square mile. Under this provision some local improvement districts organized as municipalities while others chose to continue as local improvement districts. In 1918, the Government of Alberta required the organization of all local improvement districts into municipalities with the Municipal Districts Act.

The municipal history of Vulcan County began in 1945 when the Municipal District of Vulcan No. 128 renumbered as the Municipal District of Vulcan No. 29. In 1950, all of Municipal District of Vulcan No. 29 and part of Municipal Districts of Blackie No. 30, Argyle No. 26, Barons No. 25, and parts of Special Areas No. 4, Foothills School Division No. 38, Macleod School Division No. 28, Bow Valley School Division No. 43, Taber School Division No. 6 merged to form Vulcan County No. 2. In 1998, the name of the County of Vulcan No. 2 changed to Vulcan County.


The fonds consists of the account books, assessment registers, assessment rolls and general registers, minutes, cash books, by-laws, cash receipts and disbursements, and ledgers for the County of Vulcan No. 2, and the following former local authorities of Vulcan County dating from 1906 – 1958: Local Improvement District 4-127, Local Improvement District 8-S-4, Local Improvement District 8-T-4, Local Improvement District 9-S-4, Local Improvement District 9-T-4, Local Improvement District No. 128, Local Improvement District No. 158, the Municipal District of Blackie No. 30, the Municipal District of Clifton No. 127, the Municipal District of Dinton No. 189, the Municipal District of Harmony No. 128, the Municipal District of Marquis No. 157, the Municipal District of Royal No. 158, the Municipal District of Vulcan No. 128, and the Village of Enchant. The fonds also includes vital statistics for the District of Reid Hill dating from 1908 – 1929. In addition, the fonds contains a map of illustrating land boundaries of Vulcan County dating from 1970.

The fonds also includes assessment and tax rolls, cash books, correspondence, inspector’s reports of the following school districts dating from 1905 – 1939: Antrim No. 3787: SE 17-20-24-W4, 1918 - ? Berrywater No.1968: 15-18-23-W4, 1909 - 1941 Brant No.1201(Emerson): NE 27-18-26-W4, 1905 - ? Derry No. 3114: SW 14-18-25-W4, 1914 - 1943 Ensign No. 2563: 31-17-25-W4, 1911 - 1954 Ferrodale No. 1902(Vulcan): 5-17-24-W4, 1908 - ? Harvey No. 1597: SE 4-17-25-W4, 1907 - 1937 Hiawatha No.1839: 19-15-21-W4, 1908 - ? Highland No.1508: 29-17-24-W4, 1906 - 1940 Kirkdale No. 3613: SW 10-18-22-W4, 1918 - 1937 McIntyre No. 3271: SW 26-17-25-W4, 1915 - 1921 Marshall South No.1698: SW 22-16-22-W4, 1907 - 1943 Peace No. 1134: SE 22-17-26-W4, 1904 - ? Pleasant Grove No. 1863: NW 28-18-25-W4, 1908 - ? Red Cross No. 3446: 17-18-24-W4, 1916 - 1949 Reid Hill No. 1847: NE 26-16-23-W4, 1908 - ? Richmond Hill No.1827: 7-16-26-W4, 1908 - 1939 Sand Pit No.4246: NE 17-17-23-W4, 1926 - ? Saunderson No. 2210: ? Sunny Lake No.4123: SE 23-17-22-W4, 1922 - ? Sunset Valley No.3236: 20-28-11-W4, 1924 – 1933 Thigh Hill No. 1593: NE 29-16-23-W4, 1906 - 1943 Trego No. 4050: 22-20-25-W4, 1921 - ? Union Jack No.1865: 26-19-23-W4, 1908 - 1942 Wilderman No. 1561: 4-19-26-W4, 1906 - ?

RELATED RECORDS: For more material on school districts, please see other school district, school division, and county fonds at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the administrative history/biographical sketch sourced from: William Peter Baergen, Pioneering with a Piece of Chalk: The One-Room Country Schools of Alberta 1885-1982, Toronto: 2005. Eric J. Hanson, Local Government in Alberta, Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1956. Bert Wolfe, Understanding Western Canada's Land Survey System, Saskatchewan UP, 1978. Municipal Profiles: (Accessed Sept. 13, 2007). Land locations described according the Alberta Township Survey system (ATS).
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