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No.: PR0409
TITLE: Stolee family fonds
CREATOR: Stolee family
DATE RANGE: 1963-1974
EXTENT: 0.02 m of textual records. – 1 map
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: The Stolee family emigrated from Norway to Edmonton, Alberta in 1903. Their family began with Haakon Torsen Naeset who was born in 1750 in Sveen Parish, Norway. He married Ann Katrina Rosenberg who was born in 1744 and they had three children, Tor, Katrina, and Mikkel. Mikkel married Ingeborg Olsdatter who had been given a large gård (farm) called Stöle from her family. Upon taking over the gård, they adopted its name. Mikkel and Ingeborg Stöle had a number of children, with Jakob Johannes, born on August 8, 1836, being the youngest. When Jakob was older he took over the family gård and from April to October he was a farmer. For the rest of the year, he fished in a partnership with three or four others, sharing expenses and profits. He married Knudiana Röver ca. 1860 and together they had nine children. Knudiana’s grandfather was Endre Mathiasen Röver, who lived on a small island approximately 10 miles west of Haugesung, Norway. He was prosperous and had made his wealth by shipping and dealing in grains. He married Anna Marta Haavik, and together they had six children. Upon dividing his assets among his children, the youngest daughter, Aasa Kristine, remained on the homestead, and her husband Brynjulv Alvorson, purchased the property. Together they had nine children, including Knudiana Brynjulvsdatter Röver. Jakob and Knudiana Stöle immigrated to America on the Danish Thingvalla Line, and landed in New York in late 1886. The family stayed with their Röver (changed to Rover) relatives who had earlier immigrated to America, and learned the American way of farming on the Rover farms in Dakota. At about this time the family name was changed from Stöle to Stolee. By the fall of 1889, the Stolee family had claimed a homestead in Emmons County, Dakota Territory, approximately twenty miles east of the Missouri River. The family suffered many hardships and in 1902 the second youngest son of Jakob and Knudiana, Haakon Mathias, went to Alberta and claimed a homestead at Meeting Creek. By 1903 the rest of the Stolee family had moved to the homestead.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: Fonds consists of a Stolee family history, family reminiscences about early Alberta life and life as a Norwegian sailor, a translation of Amelia Stolee’s diary, a copied map in sections listing original homesteaders and dates of filing in the area just south of Camrose located at Township 41, Ranges, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22, West of the 4th Meridian (41-17,18,19,20,21,22-W4).
LANGUAGE NOTE: The material is in English.
GENERAL NOTE: The map region is represented according to the Alberta Township Survey (ATS) system. Information for the biographical sketch is taken from the records.
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