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No.: PR1420
TITLE: Archie McMullen fonds
CREATOR: Archie McMullen
DATE RANGE: 1925-1984
EXTENT: 0.18 m of textual records and other material.
Includes 42 photographs, 16 negatives, 5 films, 1 photographic postcard and 1 audio reel.
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Archibald Major (Archie) McMullen was born July 29, 1906 in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba to William and Janet (Jessie) (née Hart) McMullen. The family lived in Nanton, Alberta and several other southern Alberta communities during Archie's childhood. Archie worked as a car mechanic for the McLaughlin Buick Company in Calgary, Alberta before beginning work as a mechanic for aviator F.R. McCall in 1927. Archie, McCall and three others formed Great Western Airways in Bowness, Alberta. In 1929, Archie received his Private and Commercial Pilot's licenses. He barnstormed throughout western Canada for Great Western Airways before joining Commercial Airways, which had a government contract to deliver mail to northern communities; Archie was posted to Fort McMurray, Alberta, where he flew airmail flights down the Mackenzie River. On April 30, 1931, he married Ressa McLaren of Calgary. In 1937, Archie joined Mackenzie Air Service Limited, a company formed by fellow bush pilot Leigh Brintnell. Archie worked as a bush pilot until 1940, and during the Second World War was a test pilot for Aircraft Repair Limited (part of Mackenzie Air Service Limited) for repaired aircrafts used in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. In 1945 Archie worked for the Consolidated Aircrafts Company in San Diego, California. Following the war, Archie joined Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Limited, retiring from aviation in 1964 and moving to Seba Beach, Alberta with his wife. In 1972 Archie was nominated a companion in the Order of Icarus, and was inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame in 1973. Archie died June 13, 1983.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The fonds consists of logbooks, Archie McMullen's Second World War pilot's license, correspondence, certificates, Archie's Canadian Pacific Air Lines employment record, air route data, a wedding invitation, a Christmas card, a diary, scripts, newspaper clippings about the Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Club (CAVU), McMullen family genealogy, photographs of planes, destinations, Archie McMullen, friends and family, a broadcast about Archie McMullen's career, and films of Archie's travel in the North and a family holiday to the Rocky Mountains which includes some footage of the 1939 Royal Visit.
GENERAL NOTE: Information for the biographical sketch is from the records and from the Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame website, , accessed January 12, 2005. The photographs can be located in the A file of the Provincial Archives of Alberta reference prints under the numbers A. 11,980 to A.11,896 and A.12,028 to A.12,045.
RELATED ITEMS: A11980 (Lake Louise Hotel)
A11981 (Archie McMullen standing beside car laden with hunted ducks)
A11982 (Archie McMullen standing beside his Western Airways Limited plane)
A11983 (Sportsmen holding golf clubs and bows and arrows)
A11984 (World's longest horse team from Gleichen, Alberta, en route to Calgary Stampede.)
A11985 (Tar Sands Plant, Clearwater River.)
A11986 ([Robert McLaren] at Tar Sands Plant, Clearwater River.)
A11987 (Fort McMurray - Views)
A11988 (Ressa and Archie McMullen snowshoeing)
A11989 (Fort McMurray skating rink)
A11990 (Archie McMullen standing beside tail portion of plane)
A11991 (Log cabin and dog team, Fort McMurray.)
A11992 (Archie and Ressa McMullen with their dog)
A11993 (Ressa and Archie McMullen with dog team, Fort McMurray.)
A11994 (Ressa and Archie McMullen with dog team, Fort McMurray.)
A11995 (MacKenzie Air Service Pilot, Archie McMullen.)
A11996 (Childhood photo of Archie McMullen)
A12028 (Archie McMullen)
A12029 (Jack Palmer standing beside plane)
A12030 (Great Western Airways Gipsy Moths)
a12031 (Archie McMullen and Jack Palmer standing beside Stinson Detroiter)
A12032 (First air mail flight from Fort McMurray to Aklavik)
A12033 ([First air mail flight to the north, Fort McMurray])
A12034 (Flight from Edmonton to Fort McMurray prior to first Commercial Airways air mail flight north from Fort McMurray)
A12035 (Matt Berry and Eskimos, King William Island)
A12036 (Igloos, [King William Island, Northwest Territories])
A12037 (Mackenzie Air Service Limited, Stan McMillan and Leigh Brintnell)
A12038 (Fueling of Eldorado Radium Silver Express plane, Mackenzie Air Service Limited)
A12039 (Priests and Grey Nuns boarding boat [Fort McMurray])
A12040 (Archie McMullen)
A12041 (Archie McMullen and Eskimos at Coppermine)
A12042 (Archie McMullen and Casey Van Der Linden, Fort McMurray)
A12043 (Eldorado Radium Silver Express plane, Mackenzie Air Service Limited)
A12044 (Canadian Pacific Airways pilot Archie McMullen)
A12045 (Induction into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame)
PR1984.0027.0084 (Edmonton, Fort McMurray and other northern settlements)
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