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Members of the Legislative Assembly

Title: Members of the Legislative Assembly
Object Number: A3587
Notes: Photograph of the sixteeth Legislative Assembly. Front row: Dr Hugh Horner; Peter Lougheed; Hon. Robert C. Clark; Hon. A. O. Fimrite; Hon. R. A. Speaker; Hon. R. Ratzlaff; Hon. Dr. J. Donovan Ross; Hon. E. H. Gerhart; Hon. Harry E. Strom; Hon. A. J. Dixon (Speaker); Hon. Fred C. Colborne; Hon. Ethel Wilson; Hon Raymond Reierson; Hon. Russel Patrick; Hon. Ambrose Holowach; Hon. Anders O. Aalborg; Hon. Gordon Taylor; Second row: William D. Dickie; David J. Russell; William Yurko; R. W. Dowling; Douglas Miller; Ralph A. Jespersen; N. A. Melnyk; William K. Ure; Dr. L. W. Heard; Robert Simpson; Ashley Cooper; E. P. Benoit; Romeo Lamothe; J. W. Horan; Fred Mandeville Third row: Leonard F. Werry; Donald R. Getty; Louis D. Hyndman; Clarence Copithorne; Keith Everitt; Roy Ellis; Dr. Walter Buck; G. J. Radstaak; Leighton E. Buckwell; Chester Sayers; Antonio Aloisio; C. Keith French; Harry C. Leinweber; Charles Drain; Lee Leavitt; Albert W. Strochein; Ira McLaughlin; Jack C. Hillman; Denis Fafard (Page); Kevin Roy (Page); Randy Glasspole (Page) Fourth row: James Reed (Sergeant-at-arms); Fred Lemieux (Page); Robin Williams (Page); Garry Bjornrud (Page); E. L. Lee; William Tomyn; John C. Landeryou; Carl Muller; Robert H. Weibe; Dr. Dan Bouvier; Galen C. Norris; Michael Senych; Neville S. Roper; Warren C. Graves (Clerk Assistant); W. H. MacDonald (Clerk) Absent: Alvin F. Bullock, A. W. Gordey, A.J. Hooke
Date: 1970
Photo Subject Headings: Family and Personal Life
Politics and Government
Names: Horner, Hugh; Lougheed, Peter; Clark, Robert C.; Fimrite, A. O.; Speaker, R. A.; Ratzlaff, R.; Ross, J. Donovan; Gerhart, E. H.; Strom, Harry E.; Dixon, A. J.; Colborne, Fred C.; Wilson, Ethel; Reierson, Raymond; Patrick, Russell; Holowach, Ambrose; Aalborg, Anders O.; Taylor, Gordon; Dickie, William D.; Russell, David J.; Yurko, William; Dowling, R. W.; Miller, Douglas; Jespersen, Ralph A.; Melnyk, N. A.; Ure, William K.; Heard, L. W.; Simpson, Robert; Cooper, Ashley; Benoit, E. P.; Lamothe, Romeo; Horan, J. W.; Mandeville, Fred; Werry, Leonard F.; Getty, Donald R.; Hyndman, Louis D.; Copithorne, Clarence; Everitt, Keith; Ellis, Roy; Buck, Walter; Radstaak, G. J.; Buckwell, Leighton E.; Sayers, Chester; Aloisio, Antonio; French, C. Keith; Leinweber, Harry C.; Drain, Charles; Leavitt, Lee; Strochein, Albert W.; McLaughlin, Ira; Hillman, Jack C.; Fafard, Denis; Roy, Kevin; Glasspole, Randy; Reed, James; Lemieux, Fred; Williams, Robin; Bjornrud, Garry; Lee, E. L.; Tomyn, William; Landeryou, John C.; Muller, Carl; Weibe, Robert H.; Bouvier, Dan; Norris, Galen C.; Senych, Michael; Roper, Neville S.; Graves, Warren C.; MacDonald, W. H.
Physical Description: B&W
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