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PR1990.0330/0111 N/APR0008.0004 German Emigration to Nova Scotia in the Mid-Eighteenth Century" - Ronald Rompkey1983OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0112 N/APR0008.0004 Ontario on the Prairies: The Founders of Medicine Hat" - Dr. L. J. Roy Wilson1983OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0113 N/APR0008.0004 Genealogy and History" & "Research in Ontario" - Elizibeth Hancocks1984OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0114 N/APR0008.0004 Notes of Trip, 1879 - From the Original Journal of E. J. Lawrence" - E.J. Lawre1984OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0115 N/APR0008.0004 I Was in Alberta Before It Became A Province" - Susie Phillips Patterson1984OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0116 N/APR0008.0004 An Outline - Re: Scandinavian Research" - Dr. Ken Domier1986OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0117 N/APR0008.0004 Fur Trade Genealogy" - Dr. John Foster1986OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0118 N/APR0008.0004 European Migrants to North America" - Peter Goutbeck1986OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0119 N/APR0008.0004 Huguenot Migrations to North America" - Michael Harrison1986OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0120 N/APR0008.0004 Internal European Migrations" - Jo Nuthack1986OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0121 N/APR0008.0004 Seventeenth Century Documents" - Margaret Russel1987OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0122 N/APR0008.0004 Germans from Russia" - Vincent Folk1987OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0123 N/APR0008.0004 Genealogical Research in Ontario" - Brian Gilchrist1987OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0124 N/APR0008.0004 Highland Clearances" - Elaine Sanderson1987OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0125 N/APR0008.0004 Writing and Publishing Family Histories" - J. Brian Gilchrist1987OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0126 N/APR0008.0004 Researching the Prairies" - Laura Turnbull1987OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0127 N/APR0008.0004 Back Across the Water to Britain - Record Sources in the United States and the UOpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0128 N/APR0008.0004 European Records" - Dr. Gerald M. Haslam1988OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0129 N/APR0008.0004 Genealogical Sources in Calgary" - Jan Roseneder1986OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0130 N/APR0008.0004 Experiences and Challenges in Genealogy" - Terrence M. Punch1989OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0131 N/APR0008.0004 Research In Atlantic Canada" - Terrence M. Punch1989OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0132 N/APR0008.0004 Ireland: After Finding Your Parents Birthplace, Then What?" - Elaine Sanderson1989OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0133 N/APR0008.0004 Using English Ecclesiastical Court Records" - Elaine Sanderson1989OpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0134 N/APR0008.0004 Births, Deaths and Marriages on the Carlstadt Circuit: 1910 - 1920" - Medicine HndOpenBox 3N/A
PR1990.0330/0135 N/APR0008.0004 Financial Records - Foothills Genealogical Group1983-90OpenBox 3N/A
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