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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR 1997.263/0016 N/APR0008.0005 #2119 Bon Accord, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, Namao, Redwater, Vimy-Wa1996OpenBox 1N/A
PR1990.0330/0033 N/APR0008.0005 St. Mark's Cemetery1984OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0034 N/APR0008.0005 Edgerton Cemetery1986OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0035 N/APR0008.0005 Rosedale United Church Cemetery1980OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0036 N/APR0008.0005 Little Plume Cemetery1987OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0037 N/APR0008.0005 Kin Coulee Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0038 N/APR0008.0005 Whitla Cemetery & Highland Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0039 N/APR0008.0005 Sterling Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0040 N/APR0008.0005 Irma Town Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0041 N/APR0008.0005 St. Alban's Anglican Cemetery1984OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0042 N/APR0008.0005 Foremost Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0043 N/APR0008.0005 Lornedale Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0044 N/APR0008.0005 Bethanie Lutheran CemeteryndOpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0045 N/APR0008.0005 Ranfurly Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0046 N/APR0008.0005 Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Mission1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0047 N/APR0008.0005 Scandia Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0048 N/APR0008.0005 Hand Hills Baptist Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0049 N/APR0008.0005 Craig Myle Cemetery1984OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0050 N/APR0008.0005 Delia CemeteryndOpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0051 N/APR0008.0005 St. Mark's Lutheran Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0052 N/APR0008.0005 Bassano Cemetery1984OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0053 N/APR0008.0005 Melville Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0054 N/APR0008.0005 Dalum Cemetery1984OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0055 N/APR0008.0005 St. John the Baptist Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0056 N/APR0008.0005 Lamont Town Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
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