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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR1990.0330/0057 N/APR0008.0005 Hackett Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0058 N/APR0008.0005 Bethany Lutheran Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0059 N/APR0008.0005 Bruderheim Moravian Church Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0060 N/APR0008.0005 Eldorena Greek Catholic Cemetery1985OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0061 N/APR0008.0005 St. Patrick's Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0062 N/APR0008.0005 Rosebud CemeteryndOpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0063 N/APR0008.0005 Sts.Peter & Paul R. C. Parish CemeteryndOpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0064 N/APR0008.0005 Good Hope Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0065 N/APR0008.0005 Josephburg United Church Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0066 N/APR0008.0005 St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery1983OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0067 N/APR0008.0005 St. George's Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0068 N/APR0008.0005 The Moravian Church Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0069 N/APR0008.0005 Fairmount Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0070 N/APR0008.0005 St. Paul's Church Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0071 N/APR0008.0005 Fort Saskatchewan Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0072 N/APR0008.0005 Athabaska Cemetery1985OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0073 N/APR0008.0005 Fairview (Stone) Cemetery1986OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0074 N/APR0008.0005 Colchester Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0075 N/APR0008.0005 Clover Bar Cemetery1981OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0076 N/APR0008.0005 Emmanuel Anglican Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0077 N/APR0008.0005 White Lake CemeteryndOpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0078 N/APR0008.0005 Cleverville CemeteryOpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0079 N/APR0008.0005 Little Mountain Cemetery1984OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0080 N/APR0008.0005 Namao Community Cemetery1982OpenBox 2N/A
PR1990.0330/0081 N/APR0008.0005 Bon Accord Cemetery1984OpenBox 2N/A
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