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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR1998.0862/0001 N/APR0053 Photograph - Connaught School Calgary - Perc Edworthy fourth in first row right1912OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0002 N/APR0053 Photograph - Connaught School Calgary - George Edworthy, sixth from left - Algre1913-1914OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0003 N/APR0053 Photograph - Haulton School Calgary - George Edworthy - third row, second from l1908OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0004 N/APR0053 Photograph - Central College - Calgary - Myrle Edworthy - front row fifth from tndOpenOCN/A
PR1998.0862/0005 N/APR0053 Calgary Binkley & Hood (photographer) Photograph - Thomas and Mary Edworthy and 1898OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0006 N/APR0053 Photograph of Thomas Edworthy booth at Calgary Fairlate 1880'sOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0007 N/APR0053 Photograph - Thomas Edworthy reclining and members of the Bradley Family later olate 1880'sOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0008 N/APR0053 Photograph - Thomas Edworthy - Photographer Boorne & May1900OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0009 N/APR0053 Photograph - Mary Ross holding child Magnus Begg, Indian agent middle right1886OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0010 N/APR0053 Photograph of Mary Ross[1880-1890]OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0011 N/APR0053 Photograph of George, Mary and Perc Edworthy in Stanley park (3rd row)1910OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0012 N/APR0053 Photograph of wedding party at home of Mary Edworthy 1226 - 12 Ave. S.W. CalgaryndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0013 N/APR0053 Old Photo - Thomas EdworthyndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0014 N/APR0053 Original photograph of Thomas Edworthy homestead Aerial photograph of Thomas Edwca 1885, nd, 1987OpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0015 N/APR0053 Photograph of Mary Ross and homestead near jail in N.W. Calgary (Spy Hill) Mary ndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0016 N/APR0053 Progeny of Valentine D (standard bred stallion)ndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0017 N/APR0053 Progeny of Valentine D (standard bred stallion)ndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0018 N/APR0053 Photograph of Calgary from St. George HillndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0019 N/APR0053 Photograph Fire Hall CalgaryndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0020 N/APR0053 Photograph Alberta Hotel - 8th Avenue 1st Street W. CalgaryndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0021 N/APR0053 Photograph BanffndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0022 N/APR0053 Photograph AnthracitendOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0023 N/APR0053 Photograph Cave and BasinndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0024 N/APR0053 Photograph Mary Edworthy riding side saddle - Cave and BasinndOpenBox 1N/A
PR1998.0862/0025 N/APR0053 Photograph Sam Livingston threshing outfitndOpenBox 1N/A
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