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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR1972.0352/0001 N/APR0740 Contract Time Ledger Sheets1945-1946OpenBox 1 & Box 21a-1h
PR1972.0352/0002 N/APR0740 Contract Time Ledger Sheets1947OpenBox 2N/A
PR1972.0352/0003 N/APR0740 Contract Time Ledger Sheets1948-1949OpenBox 2 & Box 33a-3g
PR1972.0352/0004 N/APR0740 Weigh Sheet Summary #2 Strip1951OpenOSS Box 1N/A
PR1972.0352/0005 N/APR0740 Boxcar Loadings1950OpenBox 4N/A
PR1972.0352/0006 N/APR0740 Coal Sales1950OpenBox 4N/A
PR1972.0352/0007 N/APR0740 Expenditure Ledger - Employees and Equipment (4 volumes)1947-1951OpenBox 47a - 7d
PR1972.0352/0008 N/APR0740 Warehouse Requirements1942OpenBox 4N/A
PR1972.0352/0009 N/APR0740 Timber1943OpenBox 4N/A
PR1972.0352/0010 N/APR0740 Daily Mining Cost Sheet1949OpenBox 5N/A
PR1972.0352/0011 N/APR0740 Supplies/Purchases, Sample Invoices1945-1950OpenBox 5N/A
PR1972.0352/0012 N/APR0740 Mine Inspection Certificates1949OpenBox 5N/A
PR1972.0352/0013 N/APR0740 Physical Inventories Mine and Warehouse Stock1941-1949OpenBox 5N/A
PR1972.0352/0014 N/APR0740 Tipple Time Sheets (4 volumes)1947-1949OpenBox 514a-14d
PR1972.0352/0015 N/APR0740 Daily Reports1940-1943OpenOSS Box 2N/A
PR1972.0352/0016 N/APR0740 Daily Time Report1946OpenBox 5N/A
PR1972.0352/0017 N/APR0740 Daily Time Report1947OpenBox 6N/A
PR1972.0352/0018 N/APR0740 Time Sheet and Payroll1949OpenOSS Box 1N/A
PR1972.0352/0019 N/APR0740 Fortnightly Time Book - Mining and Haulage1948-1950OpenBox 6N/A
PR1972.0352/0020 N/APR0740 Fortnightly Time Book - Strip Mining at Corbin1948-1950OpenBox 6N/A
PR1972.0352/0021 N/APR0740 Fortnightly Time Book - Mining and Haulage1948OpenBox 6N/A
PR1972.0352/0022 N/APR0740 Sundries - Corbin Strip Expenditures and Summary Sheets1948-1950OpenOSS Box 3N/A
PR1972.0352/0023 N/APR0740 Applications for Employment1940-1945OpenBox 6N/A
PR1972.0352/0024 N/APR0740 Employee Lists1939-1944OpenBox 7N/A
PR1972.0352/0025 N/APR0740 Meal Cards Absent" List of Personnel Who Signed Themselves Out For Weekends1948OpenBox 7N/A
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