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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR1982.0325/1N/APR1326 Title slides: *Canada: Charles Potter, Toronto[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/10N/APR1326 Movements of Floral Parts: * LZ338 Love-in-a-Mist: Flowers in 3 stages; youngest[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/100N/APR1326 Other Landscapes: untitled [irrigation flume]: W.C. McCalla[19??]OpenBox 1(B&W) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/101N/APR1326 Other Landscapes: D221 On Umatilla River, Oregon: Photograph and slide by W.C. [19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/102N/APR1326 Landscapes - Pacific (B.C.) Coast: 123 Valley of Fraser at Lillooet, B.C.: Pho[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/103N/APR1326 Landscapes - Pacific (B.C.) Coast: 150 Sproat Falls near Alberni, B.C.: Photog[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/104N/APR1326 Landscapes - Pacific (B.C.) Coast: Somas River near Alberni, B.C.: Photograph [19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/105N/APR1326 Landscapes - Pacific (B.C.) Coast: Saanich Inlet, B.C. View from Malahat Driv[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/106aN/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: J155 Tower of Babel, Moraine Lake: Photograph and slide [19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/106bN/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: A144 Bow Valley, Banff: Photograph and slide by W.C. McC[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/107N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: [untitled - mountains and river]: Photograph and slide b[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted green) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/108N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: 308 [untitled - mountains and river]: W.C. McCalla[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted green) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/109N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: [untitled - mountains and river with two canoes]: Photog[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted brown) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/11N/APR1326 Movements of Floral Parts: *[untitled – fringed poppy]: Photograph and slide by [19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/110N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: [untitled - mountains, river, boat and train]: Photograp[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted brown) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/111N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: [untitled - mountains, lake, man on dock]: W.C. McCalla[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted brown) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/112N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: [untitled - mountains, snow, trees]: W.C. McCalla[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted brown) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/113N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: [untitled - mountains, glacier, man]: W.C. McCalla[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted blue) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/114N/APR1326 Landscape - Mountains: [untitled - mountains, snow, man, pack horses]: W.C. Mc[19??]OpenBox 1(B&W) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/115N/APR1326 Landscapes – Park Country: JK57 Paddle River near Barrhead, Alberta: Photograph[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/116N/APR1326 Landscapes – Park Country: JK65 Blackiston Brook, Waterton Park: Photograph and[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/117N/APR1326 Landscapes – Park Country: Cottage Lake west of Edmonton, Alta. A shallow bay w[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/118N/APR1326 Landscapes – Park Country: [untitled - trees and lake]: Photograph and slide by[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted green) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/119N/APR1326 Landscapes – Park Country: [untitled - coulies and river]: Photograph and slide[19??]OpenBox 1(tinted brown) glass lantern slides
PR1982.0325/12N/APR1326 Movements of Floral Parts: *LZ340 Lavatera showing form and development of stame[19??]OpenBox 1(hand-coloured) glass lantern slides
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