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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR2009.0431/0026 N/APR3247 Monthly Planner1991OpenBox 8N/A
PR2009.0431/0027 N/APR3247 Monthly Planner1993OpenBox 8N/A
PR2009.0431/0028 N/APR3247 Hansard Pages Which Jack Shields is Present1980OpenBox 8N/A
PR2009.0431/0029 N/APR3247 Hansard Pages Which Jack Shields is Present (2 volumes)1981OpenBox 8N/A
PR2009.0431/0030 N/APR3247 Hansard Pages Which Jack Shields is Present (2 volumes)1982OpenBox 9N/A
PR2009.0431/0031 N/APR3247 Report from Parliament Hill1980-1985OpenBox 9N/A
PR2009.0431/0032 N/APR3247 Report from Parliament Hill1986-1991OpenBox 9N/A
PR2009.0431/0033 N/APR3247 Report to Athabasca1989-1993OpenBox 9N/A
PR2009.0431/0034 N/APR3247 Campaign Related Materials re: Policy and Strategy (5 volumes)1988OpenBox 9N/A
PR2009.0431/0035 N/APR3247 Jack Shields Letterhead and Business Card[1980's]OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0036 N/APR3247 Programmes (Includes King and Queen Visit)1939-1981OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0037 N/APR3247 A Message From Your MP Jack Shields1980OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0038 N/APR3247 Certificates1965-1990OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0039 N/APR3247 Poem to Jack Shields from the Fearless 41980OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0040 N/APR3247 Election1980OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0041 N/APR3247 Congratulatory Notes1980-1989OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0042 N/APR3247 Speeches1980'sOpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0043 N/APR3247 Thomas Darcy McGee1981-1985OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0044 N/APR3247 John Crosbie Visit to Fort McMurray and Cold Lake, Includes 40 Photos1981OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0045 N/APR3247 Correspondence1974-1989OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0046 N/APR3247 Norland Bank1985OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0047 N/APR3247 Lawsuit (Mel Hurtig) (2 volumes)1988-1991OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0048 N/APR3247 Meetings1980-1989OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0049 N/APR3247 Appointments1989OpenBox 10N/A
PR2009.0431/0050 N/APR3247 Thank You Cards and Letters1969-1993OpenBox 10N/A
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