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This internet service provides access to data and images in the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology’s electronic specimen database.Before using this service, please read the “Notice & Disclaimer” page on the museum’s collections web site.

All records may be searched using this service, but access to these is “read only” and is restricted to a subset of the 19 most relevant fields. Currently only a handful of records have digital images. Additional images for select specimens will be added in the future, as time and resources permit. In the meantime, text data can be viewed for all specimen records.

Advanced Searches

Advanced searches can be run by selecting relevant search terms for one or more of the 18 data fields listed under the subheading “Search Criteria” in the “Advanced Search” option. (Note: searches using the 19th searchable field, namely Catalogue Number, are run separately in the “Search By Catalogue Number” box on the left side of the screen). Currently the Advanced Search option can only handle searches containing search terms in no more than four fields.  When using this option, please ensure that you use the appropriate term in the appropriate field. For example: do not enter the Class name “Amphibia” in the “Genus” field. Also, please enter only one term in each field. The search will not function properly if you enter multiple terms into a data field. For example: in the “Family” data field you may enter either “Trionychidae” or “Albanerpetontidae”, but not “Trionychidae; Albanerpetontidae”.

Depending on the search criteria selected, search terms may be selected from an alpha-sorted index or keyed in manually. For further details, see instructions on the "Advanced Search" page. 

Additional instructions for searches:
  • The current version of this internet service supports only simple searches. No “greater than”, “less than”, or “not equal to” type searches are possible.
  • To run additional searches, return back to the search menu and enter any new search terms. Be sure to delete terms from your previous search, if those are no longer relevant.
  • Place the mouse over a field label to see more information about that field.

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