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The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is an officially designated repository for fossils collected in the Province of Alberta. The museum’s collection contains about 120,000 individual specimens and bulk lots of specimens, including over 50 holotypes. On average, 2000+ specimens are added annually to the museum’s collection. Specimens in the collection are used for scientific research, for public education, and in exhibits. The holdings consist mainly of fossils, but also include lesser numbers of geological specimens and a small reference collection of extant plant and animal specimens. All continents and major geological intervals are represented, but the bulk of the collection is devoted to specimens from the Phanerozoic of western Canada, particularly Alberta. The collection contains significant holdings of: Middle Cambrian “Burgess Shale” invertebrates from British Columbia; Triassic marine fish and reptiles from British Columbia; Cretaceous (especially Aptian/Albian and younger) invertebrates from Alberta; Cretaceous vertebrates from Alberta, especially middle Campanian specimens from Dinosaur Provincial Park; and Cretaceous and Paleocene plants and palynomorphs from Alberta.

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