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William O'Leary Residence


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Statement of Significance

Description of Historic Place
The William O’Leary Residence, built in 1913, is a one and one-half storey home with a side-facing gable roof, large paired gable roofed dormers, a full-length verandah, and clapboard siding. It is located on a residential street and occupies a single city lot in the neighbourhood of Westmount. The municipal designation applies to the exterior of the building only. The interior is considered a non-contributing element.

Heritage Value
The William O’Leary Residence is significant for its association with early residential development in the neighbourhood of Westmount and its roof design.

The William O’Leary Residence was built in 1913 and is significant as part of initial development in Westmount, one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods. Development in The community of Westmount was subdivided in 1903 and the area developed quickly as homes were built to house Edmonton’s rapidly growing population. By 1913, when the O’Leary Residence was erected, most of the homes in the area had been built. The community at the time was characterized by two-storey wooden homes with open front porches and a twenty foot setback from the street. Homes in Westmount at the time also typically had clapboard or lap siding, decorative trim and wooden shingles, and all homes employed wooden windows. The William O’Leary Residence reflects these common elements and is representative of the early development in this historic community.

The William O’Leary Residence is valued for the distinctive design of its roof. Located on a mature street among homes of a similar age, the home was intended to fit the streetscape, as apparent in the wood cladding and construction, and two-storey height. However, the O’Leary Residence was designed to stand apart from its neighbours through the incorporation of a side-facing gable roof and paired gable dormers with matching gable over the central front entrance. Easily the most distinguishing feature of this home, the roof and dormers create a design unique in the community of Westmount and make an important contribution to the character of the area.

Source: City of Edmonton Planning and Development Department File 659766.

Character-Defining Elements
The heritage value of the William O’Leary Residence is expressed in such character-defining elements as:

- Side-facing gable roof;
- location on its original lot;

- two-storey height;

- timber lap siding and detailing;

- cedar shingled band (approx. 36” wide) located between two intermediate belt courses between the first and second floors and painted in an accent colour on the side façades;

- timber belt course above the concrete foundation;

- paired walled dormers with paired tripartite wood sash single hung windows (with storm windows) and sash windows (with 1 over 1 configuration);

- cedar shingles in the peaks of the gables of the paired dormers and the centre gabled entrance to the verandah;

- front verandah with solid railings with four square columns;

- centre entrance to verandah with angled railings;

- intermediate wood supports for summer screens;

- off centred wood door with large oval window;

- corner bay window on the south façade that extends to the rear; two single hung wood sash windows that form the southeast corner bay window (1 over 1 configuration);

- brick chimney; and

- the pattern, style and construction of all original wooden windows.


Street Address: 10544 - 126 Street NW
Community: Edmonton
Boundaries: Lot 19, Block 50, Plan RN22B
Contributing Resources: Buildings: 1

ATS Legal Description:
Mer Rge Twp Sec LSD

PBL Legal Description (Cadastral Reference):
Plan Block Lot Parcel

Latitude Longitude CDT Datum Type
53.549061 -113.539873 NAD 83

UTM Reference:
Northing Easting Zone CDT Datum Type


Recognition Authority: Local Governments (AB)
Designation Status: Municipal Historic Resource
Date of Designation: 2007/02/13

Historical Information

Built: 1913 to 1913
Significant Date(s) 1913 to 1920
Theme(s) Peopling the Land : Settlement
Historic Function(s): Residence : Single Dwelling
Current Function(s): Residence : Single Dwelling

Additional Information

Object Number: 4664-0227
Designation File:
Related Listing(s):
Heritage Survey File:
Website Link: http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/planning_development/historic-designation.aspx
Data Source: POSSE File 659766 City of Edmonton Planning and Development Department 10250 - 101 Street Edmonton AB T5J 3P4
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