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Key Number: HS 11045
Site Name: Ewart Duggan Residence
Other Names:
Site Type: 0101 - Residential: Single Dwelling


ATS Legal Description:
Twp Rge Mer
12 5 4

Address: 443 - 1 Street SE
Number: 43
Street: 1 SE
Avenue: 4 SE
Town: Medicine Hat
Near Town:


Type Number Date View


Plan Shape: Rectangular Short Facade
Storeys: Storeys: 1 1/2
Foundation: Basement/Foundation Wall Material: Concrete
Superstructure: Brick
Superstructure Cover:
Roof Structure: High Gable
Roof Cover:
Exterior Codes: Massing of Units: Single Detached
Wings: Rear
Number of Bays - Facade: First or Ground Floor, 2 Bays
Roof Trim - Eaves: Plain Fascia
Roof Trim - Eaves: Plain Soffit
Roof Trim - Eaves: Plain Frieze
Roof Trim Material - Eaves: Wood
Roof Trim - Verges: Plain Fascia
Roof Trim - Verges: Plain Soffit
Roof Trim Material - Verges: Wood
Dormer Type: None
Chimney Location - Side to Side: Centre
Chimney Location - Front to Rear: Rear
Chimney Stack Material: Brick
Chimney Stack Massing: Single
Window - Structural Opening Shape: Flat
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Head: Continuous
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Material: Brick
Window - Sill Type: Plain Lug Sill
Window - Sill Material: Stone
Window - Number of Sashes: Two, Double Hung
Window - Opening Mechanism: Single or Double Hung
Main Entrance - Location: Off-Centre (Facade)
Main Entrance - Structural Opening Shape: Flat
Main Entrance - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Head: Plain Lintel
Main Entrance - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Main Entrance - Trim Outside Structural Opening Material: Wood
Main Entrance - Trim Within Structural Opening - Head: Plain
Main Entrance - Trim Within Structural Opening - Head: Flat Transom, Single Light
Main Entrance - Trim Within Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Main Entrance - Number of Leaves: 1
Main Entrance - Number of Panels Per Leaf: 5
Main Entrance - Leaves - Special Feature: Glass
Main Stairs - Location and Design: First or Ground Floor, Without Railing
Main Stairs - Direction: Straight
Main Porch - Type: Platform
Main Porch - Special Features: None
Exterior: Bay window at front with enclosed balcony above windows have lintels and lugsills ( continouus lintells over bay windows)
Interior: first floor -= 3 rooms total second floor - 5 rooms total - 4 bedrooms 1,148 ft
Environment: Property Features: None Lot size 50' wide x 170' deep
Alterations: Site: Unknown


Construction: Construction Date:
Construction Started
Usage: Usage Date:
Residential: Single Dwelling
Residential: Single Dwelling

Owner: Owner Date:

Architect: N/A
Builder: N/A
Craftsman: N/A
History: Persons : Rev J W Morrow
-Rev James W Morrow pastor St. Jonhns Presbyterain Church, occupant in 1914
-sales History - 1977 - July - $ 39,100
-Original address - 519 Esplanade
* * *
Building Description:
The Duggan Residence is a 93 year old brick two storey gable roofed structure. Its plan is an Ontario derivative where it was built of stone, brick or wood frame. In the prairies such houses were most commonly wood frame construction. The building was constructed by Mr. Harry Yuill. It was later purchased by John Ewart of Medicine Hat, a location businessman. The present occupant of the house, Mrs. Jacqueline Duggan, is Ewart's daughter. All three families have been very important to the history and the development of the Medicine Hat area.
Historical Significance:
The Duggan house was built in 1887 and survives in its original condition. It was the first brick house in the city and was constructed from material produced by the burgeoning local brick industry. No less than three prominent local entrepreneurial families are associated with the house. The builder, Harry Yuill, had a massive impact on the region's commercial and industrial community, starting some businesses and participating in a number of others. The original owner, John Ewart, was a partner of Thomas Tweed and an intimate of James Lougheed. Ewart and Tweed began one of the first general store/retail business in the area. Jacqueline Ewart married Hector Duggan, a successful securities broker, who also worked in the local real estate market. Thus the Duggan house is representative of the early commercial optimism of south-eastern Alberta as well as the local successful brick industry.
Architectural Significance:
The Duggan house is a good example of an early prairie vernacular adaptation of the Gothic Revival style residences of eastern Canada and the United States, and Britain. Its architectural integrity remains virtually intact reflecting the quality of construction and materials. The subtle decoration in the brick courses, the gingerbread trim, pleasant asymmetrical massing, clean vertical lines and the polygonal bay window make the structurte a good example if its type. The interior is also in good condition and retains its original state.
* * *
Ewart-Duggan House
The Ewart-Duggan House, built in 1887, is thought to be the oldest brick residence stil standing in the province of Alberta. John Ewart, like Willilam Cousins, was one of the first general merchants to set up business in Medicine Hat. In partnership with Thomas Tweed he established Tweed and Ewart, General Merchants, a large and prosperous wholesale-retail concern. Ewart had this house built on the fashionable 'Esplanade' in anticipation of his marriage to Jessie Herald, (daughter of Presbyterian minister, the Rev. James Herald), clearly intending to make it 'one of the finest residences in Medicine Hat.'
The house is a one-and-a-half storey red brick structure of rectangular design with gable roof and offset gable extensions on the north and south elevations. Particularly noteworthy are the tall corbelled brick chimney and decorative trim of the second-floor porch.
The cedar shingles on the roof, the wooden sills, and the lintels are said to be original.


Status: Status Date:
Designation Status: Designation Date:
Provincial Historic Resource
Record Information: Record Information Date:
WANG 1984/02/07


Alberta Register of Historic Places: 4665-0491
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