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Key Number: HS 14308
Site Name: C.P.R. Railway Station
Other Names:
Site Type: 0803 - Transportation - Rail Facility: Station
1807 - Railway Point


ATS Legal Description:
Twp Rge Mer
31 1 5

Address: Didsbury
Town: Didsbury
Near Town:


Type Number Date View
Digital scan of Negative
Digital scan of Negative
N and West sides


Style: Railway Station Standard Plan
Plan Shape: Rectangular
Storeys: Storeys: 1 1/2
Superstructure Cover:
Roof Structure: Low Hip
Roof Cover:
Exterior Codes: Roof Trim - Eaves: Brackets
Window - Number of Sashes: Two, Double Hung
Window - Opening Mechanism: Single or Double Hung
Window - Pane Arrangements: 6 over 1
Exterior: This is the only extant C & E railway station with a mansard roof.
Brackets support the wide bellcast eaves. Paired 6-up, 1-down double hung windows are found in the main station building. The attached baggage annex has a gable roof. The exterior of the station remains in almost original condition.
Mansard roof with bellcast eaves and shed dormers.
Interior: N/A
Environment: Located in the townsite on the CPR line across from the main shopping area.
Alterations: N/A


Construction: Construction Date:
Usage: Usage Date:
C.P.R. Station
Owner: Owner Date:
Canadian Pacific Limited
Calgary and Edmonton Railway Co.
Calgary and Edmonton
Architect: N/A
Builder: N/A
Craftsman: N/A
History: C.P.R. Plan X-6
Site History: Built in 1902, this building provided the basic services of a small town railway station: Shelter for travellers and telegraph facilities for the operation of trains. It has functioned as a station since its construction. A freight shed was added to the rear of the building.
Heritage Significance: The heritage significance of this building derives from the fact that it is the only extant example of a particular small-scale style railway station in Alberta and the only extant station with a mansard roof. It is one of the old stations of the historic Calgary-Edmonton railway line. This station is one of ten proposed for designation for its role in depicting early railway history in Alberta.

Historical Importance : This building by itself, appears to be of local historical importance only, however, together with other extant stations of comparable age, it provides a visible history of railway development in Alberta. For this reason it is of historical importance to the Province.
Architectural Importance: This building is similar to other small-scale CPR stations, but is the only extant example of this particular plan (CPR Plan X-6) in Alberta.
It is also the only remaining station in Alberta with a mansard roof.
It has retained its near-original appearance. For these reasons it is deemed of architectural importance to the Province.

* * *
"It's Home - for Now"
by Bob Shiels August 23, 1983.
Didsbury - After five years of 'frustration and red tape,' the Didsbury and District Historical Society finally has a home for its museum.
They moved in last week. They hope to move out as soon as possible.

Ironically, the old abandoned railway station sits directly opposite the new museum on the far side of the street.

* * *
CP Rail Station May Get New Tenant
The Didsbury Pioneer January 30, 1985
Alberta Culture has been 'deep into negotiations' for the past 7 - 8 months to find a new tenant for the historic CP Rail building in Didsbury, the Pioneer has learned.

He (Mr. Looey) said the building could 'probably stand another 100 years.' There are some problems with seepage in the basement of the structure, but, 'the bottom line is that building is sound,' he said. 'If things go properly we'll see a new tenant within the next year,' he added. ...

* * *
Original order for designation signed in 1978. Additional property designated April 1979. Order was rescinded July 1980 to reduce area of designation at request of town. Corrected order was signed October 3, 1980.


Status: Status Date:
Designation Status: Designation Date:
Provincial Historic Resource
Record Information: Record Information Date:
K. Williams 1989/06/29


Alberta Register of Historic Places: 4665-0247
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