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Key Number: HS 15297
Site Name: Hick-Sehl Building
Other Names: Hick-Sehl Hardware Company
Old Hick-Sehl Building
Site Type: 0400 - Mercantile/Commercial: General and Mixed Use Commercial
0412 - Mercantile/Commercial: General Retail Store


ATS Legal Description:
Twp Rge Mer
9 21 4

Address: 618 - 3 Avenue S
Number: 18
Street: 6 S
Avenue: 3 S
Town: Lethbridge
Near Town:


Type Number Date View


Plan Shape: Rectangular Short Facade
Storeys: Storeys: 3
Foundation: Basement/Foundation Wall Material: Concrete
Superstructure Cover: Brick - Bond: Stretcher Composition: Tile or Terra Cotta
Roof Structure: Flat
Roof Cover:
Exterior Codes: Massing of Units: Row, Related, Intermediate
Number of Bays - Facade: First or Ground Floor, 3 Bays
Wall Design and Detail: Entablature
Wall Design and Detail: Plain Parapet
Wall Design and Detail: Stepped Parapet
Wall Design and Detail: Decorated Parapet
Chimney Location - Side to Side: Centre
Chimney Location - Front to Rear: Rear
Chimney Stack Material: Brick
Chimney Stack Massing: Single
Roof Trim - Special Features: Monumental Pediment
Window - Structural Opening Shape: Flat
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Material: Concrete
Window - Sill Material: Concrete
Window - Opening Mechanism: Single or Double Hung
Window - Special Types: Bay, Bow or Oriel
Window - Special Types: Bay or Bow, 2 or More Storeys
Main Entrance - Location: Centre (Facade)
Main Entrance - Trim Within Structural Opening - Head: Flat Transom, Blind
Main Entrance - Trim Within Structural Opening - Sides: Side Lights
Main Porch - Type: Recess
Exterior: Pilastered corners and 2 inside pilasters boardering bay window from recessed panel to either side. Main floor refaced below parapet entablature at base of bay window which occupies two floors. Stepped parapet roof capitols on corner parapets and decorative capitals of recessed panels same level as roof of bay windows. Above bay window is segmental arch with radiating voussoirs and cement finished keystones. Fake marble.
Store front on ground level; two apartments on upper storey.
Interior: N/A
Environment: Located across from city park in a block of similar types of structures. Commercial core.
Alterations: Apparent Alterations and/or Additions: Wall Apparent Alterations and/or Additions: Window Apparent Alterations and/or Additions: Door Apparent Alterations and/or Additions: Other Site: Original Upgrades including false multipane windows; also, around windows and doors.


Construction: Construction Date:
Purchased the lot
Construction began
Usage: Usage Date:
Hick Hardware Store (1912-1947)
Mercantile/Commercial: Specialty Store or Shop
Owner: Owner Date:
Fred Hick & Edward Sehl
Michael Bolokoski
Architect: N/A
Builder: N/A
Craftsman: N/A
History: Built in 1912 by hardware merchant Fred Hick the Hick-Sehl Building represents the climax of the first stage of urban growth in Lethbridge from 1906-1914. It was one of the first and most successful retail hardware stores in the city operating continuously until 1947. It faced onto historic Galt Park which was the business and recreational center of the city. The building remains a symbol of the boom years construction and is today one of the most distinctive historical landmarks of Lethbridge.
Building/Site Description: The three story building is a rectangular brick structure which sits on a 25 x 125 foot lot in the commercial district between 6 7th Street S. It is in good condition, with minimal alterations and is in active use. The foundation is poured concrete. The exterior details include a distinctive bowed front window, stepped parapet roof of sandstone, entablature, plastered corners and decorative capitols, segmented arch with radiating voussoirs and cement finished keystones.
The building is located across from Galt Gardens Park and beside the Sherlock Block.
Architectural Significance: The Hick-Sehl Building has the appearance of a gracious townhouse, an elegant bowed front, unique in the city, highlights a Neo-baroque style revivalism. It combines both brick and stone on the exterior facade. It is a remarkably sturdy structure that features three levels of 25 foot expansions, which require no columns or support pillars. Its brick walls taper gradually from their 2 foot thickness at the foundation to the 3 brick width at the roof. The style of the building is compatible with certain Calgary buildings along 8th Ave.
from that time, namely the Doll Block.
* * *
NEWS RELEASE February 16, 1984 Edmonton, Alberta
The Hick-Sehl building in Lethbridge has been designated a Registered Historic Resource, announced Mary J. LeMessurier, Minister of Culture.
This building, located at 618 Third Avenue South, was constructed in 1912 by pioneer Lethbridge hardware merchant Fred Hick. He was born in 1875 in Belleville, Ontario, where he learned the tinner's and plumber's trade. He worked at this trade for a number of years before arriving in Lethbridge in 1903. In 1909-10 he entered into a partnership with Edward J. Sehl to form the Hick-Sehl Hardware Company. It became a prominent business during a period in which Lethbridge developed a diverse and complementary economic base. The coal industry and the railroad were augmented by such industries as the Lethbridge Ironworks Company, Lethbridge Brewing and Malting Company, the Electric Light and Power Company, a cement block factory and the Columbia Flour Mills Company.
At the peak of the boom in 1911-12, the Hick-Sehl building was one of the more unique commercial structures in the business district of the city. Among its distinctive characteristics are the bay windows on the second and third storeys of the front facade. The first floor housed general merchandise such as galvanized wash tubs, kitchen utensils and plumbing supplies. The second floor housed a wide selection of stoves, ranges and heating equipment.


Status: Status Date:
Designation Status: Designation Date:
Registered Historic Resource
Record Information: Record Information Date:
K. Williams 1989/06/22


Alberta Register of Historic Places: 4665-0590
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