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Key Number: HS 36680
Site Name: Mannville AGT Building
Other Names: Mannville Library
Site Type: 1201 - Communications: Telephone Building
1202 - Communications: Radio or Television Station


ATS Legal Description:
Twp Rge Mer
50 9 4

Address: 5041A - 50 Street
Number: N/A
Street: 50
Avenue: 50
Town: Mannville
Near Town:


Type Number Date View


Plan Shape: Square
Storeys: Storeys: 1
Foundation: Basement/Foundation Wall Material: Concrete
Superstructure: Nailed Frame
Superstructure Cover:
Roof Structure: Pyramidal
Roof Cover:
Exterior Codes: Massing of Units: Single Detached
Wings: Unknown
Wall Design and Detail: None
Roof Trim - Eaves: Rafters Exposed
Roof Trim Material - Eaves: Wood
Roof Trim - Verges: Plain Soffit
Roof Trim Material - Verges: Wood
Towers, Steeples and Domes: None
Dormer Type: None
Chimney Location - Side to Side: Centre
Chimney Stack Material: Brick
Chimney Stack Massing: Single
Roof Trim - Special Features: None
Window - Structural Opening Shape: Flat
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Head: Plain Flat
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Window - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Material: Wood
Window - Sill Type: Plain Slip Sill
Window - Sill Material: Wood
Window - Trim Within Structural Opening - Head: Plain
Window - Trim Within Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Window - Number of Sashes: One
Window - Opening Mechanism: Single or Double Hung
Window - Special Types: None
Window - Pane Arrangements: 2 over 2
Main Entrance - Location: Off-Centre (Facade)
Main Entrance - Structural Opening Shape: Flat
Main Entrance - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Head: Shaped hood, with or without brackets
Main Entrance - Trim Outside Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Main Entrance - Trim Outside Structural Opening Material: Wood
Main Entrance - Trim Within Structural Opening - Head: Plain
Main Entrance - Trim Within Structural Opening - Sides: Plain
Main Entrance - Number of Leaves: 1
Main Entrance - Number of Panels Per Leaf: 1
Main Entrance - Leaves - Special Feature: Glass
Main Stairs - Location and Design: First or Ground Floor, Open Railing
Main Stairs - Direction: Straight
Main Porch - Type: Recess
Main Porch - Material: Concrete
Main Porch - Height: First Storey
Exterior: Small hip addition on rear, exposed rafters.
The exterior is original except the roof. The brick veneer is in poor condition in places
Interior: The interior has been modified very little and most finishes such as wood trims are intact
Environment: N/A
Condition: Structure: Good. Repair: Good. Fair (1993)
Alterations: Bunglow style roof replaced original flat roof.


Construction: Construction Date:
Construction Started
Usage: Usage Date:
A.G.T. Exchange Building

Owner: Owner Date:
The Village of Mannville

Architect: N/A
Builder: N/A
Craftsman: N/A
History: Contract let JUL 19, 1917.
The telephone exchange building appears to be standard AGT 'AA Type.
Originally a flat roofed structure to which was added a hipped roof, probably around 1930.
The land was purchased January 10, 1917.
There was an apartment in the rear for operators.

RESOURCE: Alberta Government Telephone Exchange Building
ADDRESS: 5047 - 50 Street, Mannville
BUILT: 1917
DESIGNATION STATUS: Registered Historic Resource

In October 1915, a new telephone exchange was opened in Mannville with a northern electric switchboard. On December 1, 1917, the exchange was moved into a newly constructed telephone office on Main Street built by Neil MacKinnon who became mayor a year later. MacKinnon had also constructed the original Mannville School and the McQueen Memorial Church. The Telephone Agent was Ellen Ewing. Mrs. Alice Rutherford, who would take over as Agent in 1920 and continue in this role until 1965 while herself residing in the AGT building, assisted her. During the 1930s the rural areas around Mannville formed mutual telephone companies. Six of these were eventually amalgamated into one company centered in Mannville. On May 1, 1965, automatic dialing was introduced to the village and its hinterland with the use of one of the finest underground cable systems to be installed in the province. As a result, the Mannville Telephone Exchange was closed. The building served for a while as the community library and has continued as a prominent historical feature of Main Street Mannville ever since.

The historical significance of the Mannville Telephone Exchange lies in its provision of structural evidence of telecommunications in early Alberta. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest telephone exchange buildings in the province, at least of those buildings dedicated exclusively to telephone service. It is also a reminder of the early development of downtown Mannville.

*   *   *
This building housed the telephone company's north Edmonton exchange from the time that it was built until 1937. The Edmonton Telephone Company (builder and owner of the structure) began operating in 1904, making it one of the province's oldest municipal utilities. (Notice of Intention)  


Status: Status Date:
Designation Status: Designation Date:
Provincial Historic Resource
Register: N/A
Record Information: Record Information Date:
Tatiana Gilev 2003/05/29


Alberta Register of Historic Places: 4665-0669
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