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No.: PR0043
TITLE: Ernest Brown fonds
CREATOR: Brown, Ernest
DATE RANGE: 1759-1965, predominant 1880-1960
EXTENT: ca. 50,000 negatives and other material
Also includes ca. 11,000 photographs, ca. 42 photograph albums, 16.02 m of textual records, 18 maps, 10 paintings and 1 blueprint.
HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Ernest Brown was born in Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England on September 8, 1877 to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brown. Ernest Brown studied photography in England under James Bacon of Newcastle-on-Tyne. In 1902 he married Mary Carr in Lancaster, England. A short time later they moved to Canada, arriving in Edmonton, Alberta on April 18, 1904.

In Edmonton, Brown went to work as an assistant to C.W. Mathers, Edmonton’s first photographer. Three months later on July 1, 1904, Brown bought the rights to Mathers’ portrait studio and in 1905 the studio expanded into the Ernest Brown Company Ltd. Years later in 1912 the Ernest Brown Block was built. Shortly after World War I, however, the demand for photographic services declined and Brown’s business was seized in 1920. In 1926 he moved to Vegreville where he set up another small photographic studio. He continued to maintain an Edmonton connection through his friend and associate, Gladys Reeves, and returned to Edmonton in 1929 to help her establish her own studio called The Art League.

In 1933 Brown established the Pioneer Days Museum in Edmonton, which operated until 1939. The principal aim of the museum was to educate children and teachers about the pioneer heritage of Alberta. Brown wrote many articles to document the historic photographs that were used as exhibits. With the help of Gladys Reeves, he also developed the “Birth of the West” photographic history series, which was used as the basis for illustrated lectures given to schoolchildren.

During his lifetime Ernest Brown acquired a number of historical photographs, including C.W. Mathers’ collection of archival negatives. This collection included not only Mathers’ own negatives dating from 1895, but also many of those of the early Calgary photographers, Boorne and May. Brown also had an interest in politics and in 1921 he was nominated candidate for the Independent Labour Party. He helped to organise political demonstrations on behalf of the unemployed and published a short-run reformist newspaper called The Glow Worm.

Ernest Brown died on January 5, 1951.


The Provincial Government of Alberta stored many of the manuscripts and items from the Pioneer Days Museum when Ernest Brown vacated Haddon Hall early in October 1939. In 1947 an agreement was reached between Brown and the Provincial Government for the sale of this material and the photograph collection to the government. For many years it remained in the custody of the Department of Economic Affairs. In 1962 these records were transferred to the Museum and Archives Branch of the Provincial Secretary's Department. On the appointment of a Provincial Archivist in 1965, the papers were then transferred from the Human History Division to the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

In 1968, another accession of records was transferred to the archives from the Film and Photographic Branch of the Department of Industry and Tourism at the Provincial Government of Alberta. The archives then received more of Ernest Brown's records from the Legislative Library in Edmonton in 1970. In 1974 another accession of records arrived at the archives as part of Gladys Reeves' estate. A local Edmonton man donated more Ernest Brown records to the archives in 1976. In 1979 a time capsule that had been deposited in the Legislature Building by Ernest Brown was discovered and given to the archives. In 1990 Norma Brown donated an accession of records to the archives.

In 2008, Roy and Lavon Holgate donated a photograph that was accessioned in 2009. The Holgates received the photograph from Jean McCormack, the daughter of a Mr. and Mrs. Dickson as identified in the inscription on the back of the photograph.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Fonds consists of personal and business records generated by Brown including correspondence, financial records, research material, newspaper clippings and newspapers, periodicals, political pamphlets and articles written by Brown, published books, travel brochures, paintings and maps. It also consists of historical photographs collected by Brown that were taken by other photographers like C.W. Mathers, Boorne and May and by Ernest Brown himself.

The fonds has been divided into the following series: Items regarding Boorne, May and Mathers; Personal and business papers; Political papers; Photographic studios’ records; Pioneer Days Museum records; Personal writings; Notes and research material; Newspapers; Periodicals; Printed books; Travel brochures and directories; Photographic material; Maps; Paintings; and Time capsule. Many of these series have been further divided into sub-series.

RELATED RECORDS: Other records relating to Ernest Brown can also be found in accessions PR1967.0010 and PR1971.0446 at the Provincial Archives of Alberta. The Archives also has the records of Gladys Reeves.
GENERAL NOTE: Some of the information in the Administrative history/Biographical sketch came from STET: A University of Alberta Students’ Union Publication from April 1949.
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RELATED ITEMS: B10 (Cree Indian.)
B100 (Ranching near Calgary - horses.)
B10033 (Silver fox skins)
B101 (Ranch scene near Calgary in the Foothills country or Coldstream, Vernon.)
B10141 (Curing a Beaver Skin)
B102 (Horses on the range - south Alberta.)
B103 (Clarkson Ranch - Foothills.)
B104 (A ranch house near Calgary, Alberta. 1883.)
B105 (Round-up. Branding, Calgary. 1883.)
B106 (Round-up. Branding, Calgary. 1883.)
B107 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle branding.)
B108 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle branding.)
B109 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle branding. 1884.)
B11 (Cree Indians On Pony, In Blanket Costume, Outside Camp.)
B110 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle watering.)
B111 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle watering. Calgary, 1880.)
B112 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle herding. 1883.)
B113 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle herding.)
B114 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle herding. Calgary, 1883.)
B115 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle herding.)
B116 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle branding. 1880.)
B117 (Ranching scene in Alberta. A band of horses. 1883.)
B118 (Ranching scene in Alberta. A band of horses.)
B119 (A farm house near Calgary.)
B120 (A farm house near Calgary.)
B121 (A ranche near Calgary. 1884.)
B124 (A ranche near Calgary.)
B126 (The Round-up - cattle good cloud neg. - Rockies in the distance.)
B128 (A ranchers log house.)
B129 (Ranching scene in Alberta - horses.)
B13 ("The Deserted Villiage", The Winter Home Of The Indian.)
B131 (A ranche in Alberta. 1883.)
B132 (Guisachan, Okanagan Mission, B.C.)
B133 (Guisachan, Okanagan Mission, B.C.)
B134 (Round up, waggon corrall. 1883.)
B135 (Round up, -camp. Near Calgary. 1883.)
B137 (Cow girl in costume (Miss N. Brower), sketch - a hold up.)
B138 (A farm near Calgary. 1886.)
B140 (Ranching in Alberta. Cutting out cattle in corral.)
B141 (Ranching in Alberta. Branding a calf. 1880.)
B142 (Cattle scene, Coldstream Ranche, Vernon, B.C.)
B143 (Cattle scene, Coldstream Ranche, Vernon, B.C.)
B145 (How they lead cattle out west. 1884.)
B146 (Ranching in Alberta. The breeding corral.)
B147 (Ranching in Alberta. The branding corral - cattle ranching 1883.)
B148 (Branding a steer.)
B149 (Branding a steer.)
B15 ("The Deserted Villiage", The Winter Home Of The Indian.)
B150 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle branding.)
B151 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle branding.)
B152 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle branding - Lethbridge area.)
B153 (Ranching scene in Alberta, cattle.)
B154 (View in the Coldstream Valley, near Vernon, B.C.)
B155 ("Long Lake" Coldstream Ranche, Vernon, B.C.)
B156 (The Coldstream Ranche, Vernon, B.C..)
B157 (Lord Aberdeen's Ranch at Coldstream Valley, Vernon, B.C.)
B158 (The "Coldstream" & water wheel, Vernon, B.C.)
B16 (On The Plains.)
B160 (Cattle scene, Coldstream Ranche, Vernon, B.C.)
B161 (Cattle scene, Coldstream Ranche, Vernon, B.C.)
B162 (Harvesting scene, in the Fraser Valley, B.C.)
B163 (Harvesting scene -stacking grain, near Edmonton.)
B165 (Farming scene in Alberta. Thrashing near Calgary.)
B167 (Thrashing at Quisachan, Okanagan, Mission, B.C.)
B169 (Ranch at Edmonton.)
B17 (Indian Teepee And Red River Cart.)
B170 (Prize colt - Strome, Alberta.)
B171 (Prize colt - Strome, Alberta.)
B172 (On the range - Strome, Alberta.)
B175 (Lone on the range (Barker).)
B176 (Lone on the range (Barker).)
B177 (Lone on the range (Barker).)
B178 (Lone on the range (Barker).)
B179 (Lone on the range (Barker).)
B180 (Horses on the range.)
B181 (Horses on the range.)
B182 (Horses on the range.)
B183 (Horses on the range - Strome, Alberta.)
B184 (Horses on the range - Strome, Alberta.)
B185 (Horses on the range - Strome, Alberta.)
B186 (Prize team of horses at Strome, Alberta.)
B188 (Prize team of horses at Strome, Alberta.)
B189 (Sheep ranching at Edmonton.)
B19 ("Hiawatha", Iroquois Indian.)
B190 (Sheep ranching at Edmonton.)
B191 (Barn on ranch - Strome, Alberta.)
B192 (Home and barns - Strome, Alberta.)
B193 (Home and barns - Strome, Alberta.)
B194 (Home and barn - Strome, Alberta.)
B195 (Sheep ranch at Strome, Alberta.)
B196 (Sheep ranch at Strome, Alberta.)
B197 (A homestead near Edmonton (James McKernan).)
B198 (A ranch near Edmonton (James McKernan).)
B199 (Tom Daly's farm buildings and home - Clover Bar.)
B2 (The Home Of The Red Man. Indian Teepee.)
B200 ("A country home." (Tom Daley) - Clover Bar.)
B201 (Jackson's horses - Clover Bar.)
B204 (Jackson's horses - Clover Bar.)
B205 (First apple tree grown in Edmonton district.)
B206 (First apple tree grown in Edmonton district.)
B207 (W.R. Gibbon's house.)
B208 (Geo McAllister's house.)
B209 (Winter feed, Edmonton.)
B210A (Summer feed McAllister's farm.)
B210B (Winter feed McAllister's farm.)
B211 (Summer feed, Edmonton (Jas Tough's farm).)
B212 (Geo Hutton's barn - 14 horses, 10 men.)
B213 (House of Jacob Cuntz, Stony Plain, Alberta.)
B214 (Mrs. Wilson's residence - Star P.O. (now Lamont).)
B215 (C.H. Mather's house.)
B216 (E. Mather's farmstead.)
B217 (A homestead near Edmonton (Mrs. Wylie).)
B218 (Northern Alberta hay lands.)
B219 (M. Seagarts farm house.)
B22 (The Noble Red-Man.)
B220 (R. McKernan's (J.P.) stock farm, Edmonton S.)
B221 (Wheat field near Edmonton.)
B222 (Cutting wheat. Sturgeon River settlement.)
B223 (John Kennedy's farm. Poplar Lake. Frost & wood binder at work.)
B224 (Harvesting scene near Edmonton, N.W.T.)
B225 (A view on the Storie farm 5.5 miles north of Edmonton.)
B226 (Harvesting wheat, southern Alberta.)
B227 ("Finishing.")
B228 (Farming Saskatchewan Valey.)
B229 (Farm of Frank McLay, Poplar Lake.)
B230 (M/J. Menely's farm home.)
B232 (Harvesting on John Kennedy's farm, Poplar Lake.)
B233 (Phillip's house - Clover Bar.)
B234 (Farm, Clover Bar.)
B235 (T. Daley farm, Clovar Bar.)
B236 (Mr. Daly's farm house, Clover Bar near Edmonton.)
B237 (Daley's farm home - Clover Bar.)
B238 (In the grain near Edmonton.)
B239 (After dinner, rest awhile.)
B24 (Blackfoot Chief Old Sun and unidentified woman)
B240 (Tommy Daley's farm - Clover Bar.)
B241 (Tom Daley's farm - Clover Bar.)
B242 (Clovar Bar wheat.)
B243 (Grain field at Edmonton.)
B244 ("The finish." Farm in Clover Bar.)
B245 (Farm of George Wilkerson. Clear Water - east of Leduc.)
B246 (Farm of George Wilkerson. Clear Water - east of Leduc.)
B247 (Farm of George Wilkerson. Clear Water - east of Leduc.)
B248 (Wilkerson family at Alberta Beach.)
B249 (D. B. Wilson's farm 12 miles north of Edmonton.)
B250 (Four miles north of Edmonton.)
B251 (Stacking grain near Edmonton.)
B252 (Henderson's Farm - Rabbit Hills.)
B254 (J. Lewis farm, Horse Hills.)
B255 (C. Corberan farm, Horse Hills.)
B256 (On T. G. Hutching's farm, Poplar Lake.)
B257 (Tread mill threshing - four miles from Calgary in early 1900's.)
B259 (Farm near Edmonton.)
B260 (An oat field near Edmonton.)
B261 (An oat field in Alberta (at Edmonton).)
B262 (On the farm of Philips, Clover Bar.)
B263 (Harvesting on H. Vizina's farm, Horse Hills.)
B264 (Harvesting on H. Vizina's farm, Horse Hills.)
B266 (Harvesting on T. G. Hutching's farm, Poplar Lake.)
B267 (Early farming.)
B268 (Walkers thrashing outfit on the move.)
B269 (Garneau brothers.)
B27 (Indians Preparing For A Tea-Dance.)
B270 (The Gearneau Bro's Thrashing Outfit, Edmonton. Ready to Move. Mfg' by the Port Huron Engine and Thrashing Co.)
B271 (Threshing outfit on the move.)
B272 (Finley McDonell threshing outfit on the Samis farm, Sturgeon River Settlement.)
B275 (Shackleton Bro's thrashing outfit.)
B277 (Plowing with steam tractors at Wayburn, Saskatchewan in early 1900's.)
B278 (Oxen plowing.)
B279A (Breaking.)
B279B (Seeding.)
B28 (Sarcee Indian Reserve, General View.)
B280 (Dominion land surveyors.)
B281 (Dominion land surveyors.)
B282 (Harrold and Sons - Sturgeon Valley.)
B283 (Early threshing outfit - close up.)
B284 (Early threshing outfit - close up.)
B285 (Threshing outfit at work - no name.)
B286 (Threshing outfit at work - winter.)
B287 (T. Allan's Threshing Outfit at work.)
B288 (T. Allan's Threshing Outfit at work.)
B289 (Threshing gang at lunch.)
B290 (Threshing gang at lunch.)
B291 (Thrashing scene near Edmonton.)
B292 (Cuttman and Taylor Threshing Outfit.)
B293 (Threshing outfit on move - no name.)
B294 (Threshing outfit on move - no name.)
B295 (Threshing outfit at work.)
B296 (Outfit at work threshing - no name.)
B297 (Grain fields at Belmont.)
B298 (Grain fields at Belmont.)
B299 (Grain fields at Belmont.)
B3 (Indians At Home.)
B302 (The Gilmour Property, Namayo: Edmonton.)
B303 (The Gilmour Property, Namayo: Edmonton.)
B305 (In the Sturgeon Valley at Edmonton.)
B306 (Sturgeon Valley.)
B307 (Farm near Edmonton.)
B309 (Farm near Edmonton.)
B310 (Wylie's cattle farm near Edmonton.)
B311 (Wylie's cattle farm near Edmonton.)
B312 (Farm house.)
B313 (Grain crop on Samis's farm, Namayo: Edmonton.)
B315 (A field of potatoes. Reaper at work in the distance. Jas Tough's farm, Edmonton.)
B316 (Jas. Tough's farm at Edmonton, Alta.)
B317 (The Humberstone farm at Edmonton.)
B318 (The Humberstone farm at Edmonton.)
B319 (Teams getting ready for walk on John Smith's farm.)
B320 (A farm view, Sturgeon Valley.)
B321 (Long's farm, Namayo near Edmonton.)
B323 (Long's farm, Namayo near Edmonton.)
B324 (Crop on Long's farm, Namayo near Edmonton.)
B325 (Long's farm, Namayo.)
B326 (Long's farm, Namayo.)
B327 (Long's farm, Namayo.)
B328 (Farm in Namao District near Long's.)
B329 (Lombard farm.)
B33 ("Emonis" - The Otter - Sarcee Indian, & Camp.)
B330 (A good farm view. Wheat in stooks - farm in distance.)
B3307 (High Level Bridge during construction)
B331 (Coburn's farm, Duagh near Edmonton.)
B332 (Coburn's farm, Duagh, Alta.)
B3322 (High Level Bridge during construction)
B333 (Coburn's farm, Duagh, Alta.)
B334 (Binder at work, Edmonton district.)
B335 (A 1910 crop, Clover Bar near Edmonton.)
B336 (1910 crop at Clover Bar.)
B337 (Farm at Clover Bar near Edmonton.)
B338 (Binder at work, Morinville, Alta.)
B339 (Binder at work, Morinville, Alta.)
B34 (Blackfeet Boys With Bows & Arrows.)
B340 (Threshing outfit.)
B341 (T. Daly's field of oats.)
B342 ("Puzzle - Find the man," spring wheat at Clover Bar, Edmonton.)
B344 ("What the porridge is made from." Clover Bar oats.)
B345 (Little girl feeding calf.)
B346 (Feeding time for both boy and cow.)
B347 (Little girl in winter.)
B348 (Threshing - no name.)
B349 (Threshing - no name.)
B350 (Plowing and harrowing the land.)
B351 (Prize cattle at Edmonton.)
B352 (Clover Bar.)
B353 (Clover Bar.)
B354 (Clover Bar.)
B356 (Candy and Co. breaking land with tractor.)
B357 (Candy and Co. breaking land with tractor.)
B358 (A 1907 crop of grain, Edmonton district.)
B359 (Crop of grain.)
B360 (In Namayo district, Edmonton.)
B361 (John Carnagie's farm, Namao.)
B362 (Breaking land - Candy and Co.)
B363 (Breaking land - Candy and Co.)
B364 (A farmers residence.)
B365 (First farm out on Grand Trunk Pacific from Edmonton.)
B367 (Farmer's residence, Namayo near Edmonton.)
B368 (Jas Tough's farm, Edmonton.)
B37 (Mutsinamakan & Squaw. Sarcee Indians.)
B370 (Jas Tough's farm.)
B371 (Near Edmonton.)
B372 (A field of potatoes.)
B373 (Showing rolling land.)
B374 (McAllister's farm.)
B375 (McAllister's farm - winter feed.)
B376 (McAllister's farm - winter feed.)
B377 (Grainfield, T. J. Byer's farm.)
B379 (Byer's farm, Clover Bar.)
B38 (Micakiu & Mucayiomoxin Otokeman, Sarcee Squaws.)
B380 (Grainfield, T. J. Byer's farm.)
B381 (A farmhouse near Edmonton (T.J. Byers).)
B383 (D. A. Fulton's farm home, Clover Bar.)
B384 (A farmer's home, Edmonton district. D. A. Fulton.)
B385 (Robt. Lindsay's farmhouse, Clover Bar near Edmonton.)
B386 (Charles Bremner home, Clover Bar.)
B387 (Charles Bremner home, Clover Bar.)
B388 (Mrs. Bremner on horseback with greyhound dogs.)
B389 (Charles Bremner home.)
B39 (Sarcee Indian Camp, near Calgary, Alberta.)
B390 (Charles Bremner home, apple tree in foreground.)
B391 (Charles Bremner home, apple tree in foreground.)
B394 (Bremner's farm, Clover Bar, Edmonton.)
B396 (Oat crop in stook on Bremner's farm, Clover Bar, 1910.)
B397 (Oat crop in stook on Bremner's farm, Clover Bar, 1910.)
B398 (Binder at work on Bremner's farm at Clover Bar, 1910.)
B399 (Grainfield (not cut) on Bremner's farm, Clover Bar, 1910.)
B40 ([Head Above Water and unidentified Tsuu T'ina man and woman])
B400 (Grainfield (not cut) on Bremner's farm, Clover Bar, 1910.)
B401 (Grainfield (not cut) on Bremner's farm, Clover Bar, 1910.)
B402 (Bremner's house in winter.)
B403 (Charles Bremner and dogs.)
B404 (Mrs. Charles Bremner and dogs.)
B406 (Benachie 59967 from Rosebud III by Li Hung Chang.)
B407 (Rosebud 1119 Colt 687. Thoroughbred mare and cold.)
B408 (Rosebud III 687. Dam-Miss Juggler by Rosewater. Colt - from Rosebud III by Cyclades.)
B41 ("Head Above Water" Sarcee Indian, & Squaws)
B410 (Lady Meux 57932 from Rosebud III by Duke of Westminster.)
B411 (Charles Bremner's dogs.)
B412 (Perfect reflections. Ducks at waters edge on Adamson's farm (next to Bremner's), Clover Bar.)
B413 ([Charles Bremner's mother-in-law, Mrs. Fielders, 1910, Clover Bar.])
B414 (Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bremner.)
B415 (The 1910 crop on Jefferson Lewis's farm near Edmonton.)
B418 (Jefferson Lewis's farm near Edmonton.)
B419 (Farm near Edmonton.)
B42 ("Emonis" - The Otter - Sarcee Indian, & Camp.)
B420 (Farm near Edmonton.)
B421 (Gilmour's property, 1910, Namao.)
B422 (Gilmour's property, 1910, Namao.)
B423 (Gilmour's property.)
B424 (A 1907 crop near Edmonton.)
B426 (Tom Flynn's grain, Edmonton.)
B43 (Vancouver Island Indians, Totem Poles, & Villiage.)
B430 (Tom Flynn's grain, 1910 Namao, single stock.)
B431 (Carson's farm, Namayo.)
B432 (Carson's farm, Namayo.)
B433 (Webber farm, Namao district chickens.)
B434 (Webber farm, Namao district pigs.)
B435 (Webber farm, Namao district pigs.)
B436 (Webber farm, Namao district chickens.)
B437 (Webber farm, Namao district chickens and pigs.)
B438 (Webber farm, Namao district cows.)
B440 (Sutherland's farm, Namao district.)
B442 (The Seton-Smith "Long Lake" farm.)
B443 (On Seton-Smith's "Long Lake" farm, Edmonton, Alta.)
B444 (Horses and binder nearly lost to sight in the oats.)
B445 (Oats on Robert Smith's farm near Edmonton.)
B446 (Oats on Long Lake Farm near Edmonton.)
B447 (Seton Smith farm.)
B448 (On Robert Smith's farm near Edmonton.)
B449 (Long Lake from Bob Smith's farm.)
B450 (Bob Smith's farm from across Long Lake.)
B451 (Bob Smith's farm, Long Lake.)
B453 (A specimen oat crop, Bob Smith's farm, Long Lake.)
B454 (On Long Lake farm near Edmonton.)
B455 (A halt to take a picture.)
B457 (Seton Smith farm, Long Lake.)
B458 (Seton Smith farm, Long Lake.)
B460 (Seton Smith farm, Long Lake.)
B461 (Seton Smith farm, Long Lake.)
B463 (Bob Smith's sales stables.)
B464 (Two cowboys on horses.)
B465 (Two cowboys on horses.)
B467 (Rutherford Cup winners at Alberta Poultry Show.)
B468 (Horseback riders.)
B469 (Prize stallion.)
B47 (Siupakio & Sikunnacio, Sarcee Indian Girls.)
B471 (Prize stallion.)
B472 (A young foal, Exhibition Ground.)
B473 (William McDonald's farm house, Namayo.)
B4748 (Picnic at Sturgeon River)
B4749 (Picnic at Sturgeon River)
B475 (Maloney's farm house, St. Albert.)
B4750 (Picnic at Sturgeon River)
B4751 (Picnic at Sturgeon River)
B479 (The Craig farm and coal mine.)
B48 ("Ikinmair" - Cree Warrior.)
B480 (1907 crop on Sutherland's farm, Namayo near Edmonton.)
B482 (J. S. Samis's farm, Sturgeon Valley.)
B483 (J. S. Samis's farm, Sturgeon Valley.)
B484 (J. S. Samis's grain and cattle, Edmonton.)
B485 (Finlay McDonell homestead.)
B487 (Mrs. T. C. Carson cattle, Namao district.)
B488 (Carson farm yard, Namao.)
B489 (Mrs. T. C. Carson cattle on road.)
B49 (Aslokumi Family. Sarcee Indians.)
B490 (Sisters of Mercy grain at St. Albert near Edmonton.)
B491 (Sisters of Mercy grain at St. Albert near Edmonton.)
B493 (Sisters of Mercy grain at St. Albert near Edmonton.)
B496 (Sisters of Mercy grain at St. Albert near Edmonton.)
B498 (Sisters of Mercy grain at St. Albert near Edmonton.)
B499 (In the Sturgeon Valley.)
B500 (W. A. Wilson's farm house, Namayo.)
B501 (W. A. Wilson's farm house near Edmonton.)
B502 (S. W. Boyle's farm house.)
B503 (J. H. Melick farm house, Namayo.)
B504 (J. H. Melick farm house, Namayo.)
B505 (J. W. Meenely's threshing outfit.)
B506 (Meenely's threshing outfit.)
B507 (Bouchard Farm, St. Albert.)
B508 (Bouchard Farm, St. Albert.)
B509 (Cutting winter fuel.)
B51 (Hitsipimi Otunna - Sarcee Squaw.)
B510 ("A little child shall lead them.")
B511 ("Puzzle find the man." Spring wheat at Clover Bar, Edmonton.)
B512 (Clausen hayfield.)
B513 (Grainfield on Sandy Lake Trail.)
B514 ("The farm lane" showing zig-zag fencing.)
B515 (Shocking state of country roads in early days.)
B516 ("A hot summer's day." Cattle in the shade on river bank.)
B517 (Cattle grazing.)
B519 (Horses in binders.)
B52 (Calgary Indians on Ponies.)
B520 (Tall wheat up to men's hats.)
B521 (Harvesting near Edmonton.)
B522 (Farmer and family and all chicks.)
B523 (Potato crop, Clover Bar.)
B524 (Cattle at Vegreville.)
B525 (Cattle at Vegreville.)
B526 (Cattle at Vegreville.)
B527 (Prize stallion at Vegreville.)
B528 (Prize stallions at Vegreville.)
B529 (Prize stallions at Vegreville.)
B53 (Omuxapop Okrista, Old Sarcee squaw smoking peace pipe.)
B530 (Prize stallions at Vegreville.)
B531 (Prize stallions at Vegreville.)
B532 (Prize stallions at Vegreville.)
B533 (Prize stallions at Vegreville.)
B534 (Haying, Vegreville.)
B536 (Reaping grain at Vegreville.)
B538 (Reaping grain at Vegreville.)
B539 (Reaping grain at Vegreville.)
B540 (Threshing at Vegreville.)
B541 (Threshing grain at Vegreville.)
B542 (Threshing at Vegreville.)
B543 (Threshing grain, Vegreville.)
B544 (Threshing, Vegreville.)
B545 (Threshing, Vegreville.)
B546 (Clare Watt's farm, Vegreville.)
B547 (Clare Watt's farm, Vegreville.)
B55 (Namoosita Otakeman - Sarcee squaw on horse outside painted teepee.)
B550 (Clare Watt's farm, Vegreville.)
B551 (Clare Watt's farm, Vegreville.)
B553 (Alberta Beach.)
B554 (Alberta Beach.)
B555 (Alberta Beach.)
B556 (Grain at Vegreville.)
B557 (Grain at Vegreville.)
B558 (Grain at Vegreville.)
B559 (Grain at Vegreville.)
B560 (Grain at Vegreville.)
B561 (Grain at Vegreville.)
B562 (Grain at Vegreville.)
B5628 (Freight for Lloydminster leaving Edmonton)
B563A (Rolling land, Spruce Grove.)
B563B (Rolling land, Spruce Grove.)
B563C (Rolling land, Spruce Grove.)
B563D (Rolling land, Spruce Grove.)
B565 (Long Lake farm near Edmonton.)
B566 (Cloud neg's for paintings.)
B575 (The Creek.)
B576 (Boiling the spuds.)
B577 (Solid comfort at Carrs-Hill Farm.)
B578 (The sporting "4" and their dog, Carrs Hill Farm.)
B579 (Father says turn and we all turn.)
B58 (Harvesting Scene near Edmonton, N.W.T..)
B581 (One girl among four of us. Thank heaven there no more of us.)
B583 (At Carrs Hill Farm owned by Ernest Brown.)
B584 (On the return.)
B585 (The wild man at Carrs Hill Farm)
B586 (The automobile at the bridge.)
B587 (Twilight homeward bound.)
B588 (Returning home on our automobile.)
B589 (The outfit.)
B590 (The lily harvest on Carrs Hill Farm.)
B591 (A water-nymph.)
B592 (Scandal at the well.)
B593 (The coo stealing our water.)
B594 (Gossip at the well.)
B595 (Sons of England.)
B596 (A much needed foot bath.)
B597 (The first in a long time.)
B598 (A new style of mermaid having their annual.)
B599 (More visitors to Carrs Hill Farm.)
B6 (Cree Indian.)
B60 (Harvesting Scene near Edmonton, N.W.T., 1890.)
B600 (Our crowd.)
B601 (Good-bye and God bless you.)
B602 (Returning from Carrs Hill Farm.)
B603 (Our automobile.)
B607 (The homesteaders going to Carrs Hill Farm.)
B608 (The homesteaders.)
B609 (The homesteaders.)
B61 (Harvesting Scene near Edmonton, N.W.T., 1890.)
B610 (Carrs Hill Farm looking north.)
B611 (On Carr's Hill Farm looking east.)
B612 (Hoisting the Union Jack, Carrs Hill Farm.)
B613 (Carrs Hill Farm looking northwest.)
B614 (Carrs Hill Farm looking south.)
B615 (Carrs Hill Farm looking northeast.)
B616 (Carrs Hill Farm looking north.)
B617 (Carrs Hill Farm looking east.)
B618 (Parliament Building builders, Carrs Hill Farm.)
B619 (Pioneers and husky dog rest by the wayside en route to Carrs Hill Farm.)
B620 (The pioneers return.)
B622 (The gang - visitors at Carrs Hill Farm.)
B623 (Peeling the spuds.)
B624 (The gang - visitors at Carrs Hill Farm.)
B625 (At the farm.)
B626 (Watching the flock, Ernest Reese's farm, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B627 (The team of horses, Ernest Reese's farm, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B628 (Playing on the swing, Ernest Reese's farm, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B629 (Finding the lost sheep, Ernest Reese's farm, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B63 (Pack horses near Edmonton, N.W.T..)
B630 (Rocks, Ernest Reese's farm, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B632 (Time for a rest, Ernest Reese's farm, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B633 (Taking it easy, Ernest Reese's farm, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B634 (E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B638 (Working and playing in the hay stacks, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B640 (Threshing and haying, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B642 (Farmers taking a break from haying, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B643 (Threshing and haying, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B644 (Threshing and haying, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B645 (The farmer's woodpile, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B646 (Winter scene - horses and sleigh with goods, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B647 (Early threshing and harvesting.)
B648 (Winter scene - horses and sleigh with goods, E. Reese's farmhouse, Dorenlee, Alberta.)
B649 (Early threshing and harvesting.)
B650 (Early Ukrainian settlers in native costume.)
B651 (Early Ukrainian settlers in native costume.)
B652 (Oxen and bob sleigh in winter.)
B655 (Sunday morning shave.)
B656 (Leaving Edmonton for Peace River.)
B657 (An early homestead, Ontario.)
B658 (New settlers off to the homestead, Edmonton.)
B659 (New settlers off to the homestead, Edmonton.)
B66 (A rancher of Southern Alberta.)
B660 (New settlers off to the homestead, Edmonton.)
B661 (Homesteading near Lloydminister.)
B662 (Breaking the prairie.)
B663 (Breaking the prairie.)
B664 (Log shack with sod roof.)
B665 (Harvesting with oxen in binder near Edmonton.)
B667 (Necessity has no law.)
B669 (Off to the land of plenty. Homesteaders outfit at Edmonton.)
B67 (A rancher of Southern Alberta.)
B670 (Homesteaders starting for the Pembina district.)
B671 (Homesteaders outfit, Edmonton.)
B673 (Pioneer couple.)
B674 (Pioneer couple.)
B675 (Pioneer family.)
B676 (On the trail to Peace River.)
B68 (Bay in the foothills, 1880.)
B680 (Mudded house, Big Lake, near St. Albert.)
B682 (Log homestead with poplar pole fence.)
B683 (Russian thatched house, plaster walls.)
B684 (Russian bake oven.)
B685 (Clearing land with team of horses.)
B687 (Children feeding foal.)
B688 (Man on horse in winter.)
B689 (Log shack.)
B690 (State of roads - early spring.)
B691 (Steam threshing outfit - Portage La Prairie.)
B692 (Early homesteading, Edmonton.)
B694 (Oxen drawing load of hay.)
B695 (Treadmill threshing outfit, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.)
B696 (Early Ukrainian.)
B698 (Oxen and three men.)
B7 (Cree Indian.)
B70 (Ranching scene in Alberta, sheep.)
B700 (A country road near Edmonton.)
B71 (Ranching scene in Alberta, sheep.)
B72 (Sheep ranch in Alberta.)
B73 (View of fork of Sheep Creek near Calgary.)
B74 (A ranch near Calgary.)
B75 (Harvesting scene near Calgary.)
B77 (Ranch scene near Vernon, B.C.)
B78 (Ploughing scene near Calgary.)
B8 (Red Crow, Head Chief Of The Blackfeet Nation, 1895.)
B81 (Harvesting in Manitoba.)
B83 (Seeding in 1886.)
B84 (Plowing in Manitoba, 1887.)
B85 (Harvesting scene in Alberta, near Calgary.)
B86 (Ranching at Innisfail.)
B868 (Mutsenamakan and Stumatsekini, Sarcee Indians [Tsuu T'ina Nation])
B87 (Edmonton Old Time Ranch.)
B88 (Rancher's home near Calgary.)
B89 (Rancher's home near Calgary.)
B9 (Cree Indian.)
B90 (Ranch at Calgary.)
B900 ("Indians packing furs")
B91 (Gopher Prairie, near Calgary.)
B92 (R.L. Carrick's house near Calgary.)
B93 (Cowboys at round up, 1883.)
B94 (Group of cowboys, round up.)
B95 (Group of cowboys, round up near Calgary, 1883.)
B96 (Ranching in Alberta. A band of horses.)
B97 (Ranching scene in Alberta. A band of horses. 1883.)
B977 (North West Mounted Police constable and Indian Tom-Tom Drummers at a Tea Dance)
B98 (M. Patterson's ranch home. Bayfield near Calgary.)
B99 (M. Cunningham's Ranch near Calgary.)

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