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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR1989.0355/1N/APR0621 Achtymichuk, George; Shevolup, Alexandra1930OpenCF21 16mm cinefilm [13 Min: 08 Sec]; Digitized
PR1989.0355/10N/APR0621 Andruchow, Joseph L.; Unknown (Feb. 23)1951OpenCF21 16mm cinefilm [7 Min]; Digitized
PR1989.0355/100N/APR0621 Cherniwchan, Pete; Malarchuk, Betty (Feb. 19)n.d.OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1000N/APR0621 Meroniuk, Sam (Oct. 2)1948OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/1001N/APR0621 Michalchuk, Mike (Sept. 7)1950OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/1002N/APR0621 Musoronchan, John (Aug. 16)1951OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1003N/APR0621 Musoronchen, Wasyl (Sept. 21)1964OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/1004N/APR0621 Nykolaychuk, Steve (Nov. 15)1943OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1005N/APR0621 Nykolaychuk, Wasylyna (Oct. 21)1947OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/1006N/APR0621 Odynak, Nykolay (March 6)1964OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1007N/APR0621 Oleksiuk, Iftima (Oct. 25)1962OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/1008N/APR0621 Onufreychuk, Anna (Sept. 26)1960OpenNEGS3 negatives
PR1989.0355/1009N/APR0621 Opper, Sam (June 5)1958OpenNEGS4 negatives
PR1989.0355/101N/APR0621 Cherniwchan, William J.; Unknown (Feb. 10)n.d.OpenNEGS3 negatives
PR1989.0355/1010N/APR0621 Palechuk, George P. (March 10)1958OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1011N/APR0621 Paleychuk, Peter J. (Jan. 28)1961OpenNEGS7 negatives
PR1989.0355/1012N/APR0621 Palylyk, John (May 13)1942OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1013N/APR0621 Palylyk, John (May 14)1939OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1014N/APR0621 Pancheshen, Wasyl (March 5)1954OpenNEGS3 negatives
PR1989.0355/1015N/APR0621 Panchuk, Demian (Apr. 30)1947OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/1016N/APR0621 Paraiko, Michael (July 27)1949OpenNEGS1 negative
PR1989.0355/1017N/APR0621 Paraiko, Nastasia (June 26)1960OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/1018N/APR0621 Pawliuk, Fred (June 19)1951OpenNEGS4 negatives
PR1989.0355/1019N/APR0621 Pawliuk, Harry (July 14)1941OpenNEGS2 negatives
PR1989.0355/102N/APR0621 Cherriwchan, John M.M.; Petryk, Connie (July 27)1948OpenNEGS4 negatives
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