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Accession NumberCreator NumberForms Part OfFile TitleDate RangeAccess CodeContainer NumberRemarks
PR2009.0787/0024N/APR3336 Annie (Lambert) LaPerle: biographical notes, diaries, receipes and knitting patt[1920-1970]OpenBox 3N/A
PR2009.0787/0025N/APR3336 Annie's diary Aug. 20, 1929 - Sept. 1, 1929 (right after marriage)1929OpenBox 3N/A
PR2009.0787/0026N/APR3336 Correspondence - Annie Lambert and her parents1923-1929OpenBox 3N/A
PR2009.0787/0027N/APR3336 Correspondence - Annie LaPerle1930-1995OpenBox 31 photo (Patsy Campbell)
PR2009.0787/0028N/APR3336 Correspondence - family1947-1977OpenBox 3N/A
PR2009.0787/0029N/APR3336 Music scores and organ handbook[1920-1938]OpenBox 4N/A
PR2009.0787/0030N/APR3336 Scores and songs, pianoforte method (J. Bellak)[1900]-1945OpenBox 4N/A
PR2009.0787/0031N/APR3336 Parish bulletins, certificate, notes etc.1966-1969OpenBox 4N/A
PR2009.0787/0032N/APR3336 Elementary Arithmetic, Langue Française, The Alexandra Readers, French reading b1895-1916OpenBox 4N/A
PR2009.0787/0033N/APR3336 Winterburn Golden Agers and Winterburn Women's Institute - various[1982-1987]OpenBox 44 photos
PR2009.0787/0033BN/APR3336 Winterburn Women's Institute - bulletins and other1937-1989OpenBox 4N/A
PR2009.0787/0034N/APR3336 Memories of a pioneer family (George Charles Leight & Ethel Victoria Woollard)1986OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0035N/APR3336 Genealogy of Lambert Family / Jeannine Goudreau + registration cards for Olivine1987OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0036N/APR3336 Hormidas Lambert obituary (manuscript)1927OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0037N/APR3336 Real estate1936-1982OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0038N/APR3336 Winterburn Store - statements of accounts1947-1960OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0039N/APR3336 Post office: contracts, agreements, press clippings, other1930-1980OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0040N/APR3336 Press clippings related to family and store1939-1980OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0041N/APR3336 LaPerle calendars1967-1969OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0042N/APR3336 House construction1968-1969OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0043N/APR3336 Agriculture1948-1975OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0044N/APR3336 Greeting cards to Annie from Leon.a.OpenBox 5N/A
PR2009.0787/0045N/APR3336 Wedding anniversary cardsn.a.OpenBox 6N/A
PR2009.0787/0046N/APR3336 Greeting cards from sistersn.a.OpenBox 6N/A
PR2009.0787/0047N/APR3336 Greeting cards from grandchildrenOpenBox 6N/A
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