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Key Number: HS 22488
Site Name: Athabasca Public School
Other Names:
Site Type: 0305 - Educational: Composite School


ATS Legal Description:
Twp Rge Mer
66 22 4

Address: 4710 - 48 Street
Number: 10
Street: 48
Avenue: 47
Town: Athabasca
Near Town:


Type Number Date View


Plan Shape: Rectangular
Storeys: Storeys: 3
Foundation: Basement/Foundation Wall Material: Concrete
Superstructure: Brick
Superstructure Cover:
Roof Structure: Low Gable
Roof Cover:
Exterior Codes:
Exterior: Dimensions: 64' x 41' String of belt course on front, plain lintel and log sill on windows, tower at front, with projecting frontispiece, eaves projecting rafters exposed, gable ends plain boxed cornice with return, dated corner stone renovation extensive.
Interior: Extensive renovation.
Environment: Town lot-treed.
Condition: Structure: Good. Repair: Good. 1 JAN 1981 Structure: Good. Repair: Good. 1 JAN 1981
Alterations: Extensive interior renovations.


Construction: Construction Date:
Usage: Usage Date:
Integrated into performing Arts Centre
Owner: Owner Date:
Town of Athabasca
Architect: Roland Lines
Builder: H.A. Barrow
Craftsman: N/A
History: Registered Historic Resource on January 14, 1976.
1913 - Public School construction begun; corner stone; 'Laid by Harvey F. Cull, Chairman, S.B. Athabasca 26/9/13.' 'The building was designed to house all students, grades one to twelve, in four classrooms.' This later expanded to inlude basement classrooms, a 2-room addition, and a final 2-room expansion, c.1939-45.
1918-proliferating school districts led to establishment of second inspector for area.
1918-23 - R.J. Gaunt inspector with headquarters in Athabasca.
1923-29 - J.J. LeBlanc, school inspector.
1924 - C. O'Dayly, principal.
1903-35 - W.H. Swift, later Deputy Minister of Education, replaced LeBlanc.
1936 - reorganization into School Divisions.
1938 - Athabasca S.D. No. 42 established.
1941 - plans for new high school fall through for lack of funds.
1944 - town school board agrees to merge with S.D. No. 42.
1967 - new Athabasca high school opened; more students bused into area, causing some concern; eg. 'Colinton Parents Upset Over Move of Students' and closing of Colinton high school.
* * * This school was built at peak of a wave of optimism in development of Athabasca during the pre-war era. It is an impressive building in a town of this size, reflecting the high aspiration of the community towards continued future growth of the town. This building now serves as a landmark in the town of Athabasca.
* * * Cornerstone laid - first public building in Athabasca to have cornerstone laying - marked another era in teh progress of the town - considered one of the most beautiful sites of its class in Northern Alberta - architectural design based on the Doric School of Art. The facade is constructed of Calgary red brick and Bedford lime stone.
Architect - Roland Lines Contractor - H.A. Barrow * * * Corner Stone Ceremony The Northern News, October 3, 1913.
- Harvey F. Cull laid corner stone of new school - Large crowd gathered to witness the ceremony - Many interesting speeches - School children sang - Citizen's band in attedance.
On Friday afternoon last a unique ceremony was held which marks another epoch in the history of Athabasca. It was the laying of the corner stone of the new and splendid public school building. It was also the laying of the corner stone of the first public building in Athabasca.
* * * Corner Stone of New School Laid by Chairman Cull.
Athabasca Times, October 2, 1913.
The corner stone of Athabasca new public school was laid with ceremony last Friday afternoon in the presence of a large gathering of citizens, by Harvey F. Cull, chairman of the board. The event was the first of the kind that has ever taken place here and proved most interesting as marking another era in the progress of the town. The presence of a detatchment of the mounted police under Supt. McDonnell, the boy scouts under Mr. Rhodes, the band and the school children gave a pleasing touch to the proceedings and impressed visitors with the fact that while Athabasca is one of the outposts of civilization the citizens can make an up-to-date showing on public occasions.
The new school is of brick and stone construction on massive concrete foundations, and the architect has worked out a very attractive exterior design. There are play rooms in the basement for both boys and girls, two class rooms on each of the two upper floors, and cloak rooms, and rooms for the teachers. Steam heating and modern ventilating systems will be installed. The cost will be $35,000.
* * * COMPLETION OF TOWN'S PUBLIC SCHOOL - The Beautiful and Colossal Building Facing Wood Avenue Almost Ready for Service - Spacious Rooms - Cheerful Color Scheme - Effective Fire Escapes - Abundant Light - Room to Riot-in - A Credit to the North ...
There are four class-rooms, two on each floor. With nine windows to each, the light-green painted walls, chastened by a white ceiling, and provided with variety by a dark green wainscot, the result aimed at is secured. The rooms are, of course, supplied with regulation desks, chairs and black boards. The ventilation is by air shafts, which experts say that, after all, is an improvement upon the lower and upper method of dealing with putrid atmosphere.
The provision for escape in the event of fire is by means of two iron staircases from the second floor on the east and south.
The basement is a well-planned addition to the arrangements. There are two recreation rooms - one for the boys and one for the girls. In the centre is the furnace, well and amply protected from any contamination in the way of dust or any danger whatever.
There are four entrances. The main entrance is from Wood Avenue and is ten feet wide. Then, there are three exits in the rear. The staircses are all wide, and of easy gradient.
The plumbing and heating were carried out by Messrs. McNight Frost, Edmonton. The brick work was left to the face and common brick was in the hands of the Tregilus Company and the lime brick was left to the Alsip Company.


Status: Status Date:
Designation Status: Designation Date:
Record Information: Record Information Date:
T. Gilev 1997/09/18


Alberta Register of Historic Places: 4665-0103
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